Welcome, my name is Chandra Zas

and this is my Amazing Man, personal chef, my tech support, and video editor.

We climb mountains.

I am the creator and gut health coach here at Zen Odyssey.

If you are looking for my calendar then scroll to the bottom of this page to get on a call with me.

If you are new here, then read on. And, welcome, I am glad you are here.

COACH Chandra Zas

The reason I am here is to help You solve your tummy troubles.

The way I work is by helping You fall in-love, truly and genuinely, with Gut Friendly Foods.

It ain’t easy. There is a rough patch (which is why most never make the food changes) but on the other side is freedom from food battles, glowing skin, epic poops, and rockstar gut health status.


Fall in-Love*

  • Freedom from Your Food Battles
  • Clarity on What is Actually Healthy
  • True Desire to Eat Healthy
Great. Buckle up, You are in for a Treat.

Do you want…?

  • Freedom from the internal battles and feeling like you are doing it wrong.
  • Comfort in your skin and connected to your gut instinct.
  • Reset Your Food Life, by understanding how your brain is sabotaging your gut health.

Then, hop on a call with me. Where we can chat about your current gut health, where you want it to be, and the obstacles holding you back.