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Helpful Stepping Stones

Helpful Stepping Stones

Spend time with your Self. Quiet time, time where you can talk to your inner Self and listen to the whispers of your heart and the revelations of your mind. Long walks outdoors. Weekly saunas or steams. Hot springs. Laying on the Earth looking up at the sky.

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Future focus

Future Focused

When we lose our future focus we often lose our drive, our direction, our dreams, our goals and our connection to a bigger life.

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A protocol for life

A Protocol for Life

A protocol for life requires a deep inner shift with food and lifestyle; an activation of the prefrontal brain that plans for the future.

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Pleasure and desire

Pleasure and Desire

What type of pleasure is your brain wired to desire: natural pleasures or man-made pleasures? You can train your brain to desire…

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