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Change Is Possible

I have been my own biggest project. Climbing out of a hole and into a life of lightness and joy. I promise you, if you truly want it, change is possible.

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Zen Odyssey Defined

Zen Odyssey defined: The art of noticing yourself, to go beyond words. To wonder what your own mind and being are. To choose your life’s odyssey.

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My Alternative Life-School Resume

Author of Zen Odyssey Today

Who am I? Author of Zen Odyssey? In the grand picture, I am no one special. But in my life, I am a hero. Life can be an epic odyssey, mine is. Come…

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How to Allow Emotions

Why bother learning how to allow emotions? “ If we try to resist, avoid or suppress emotions then they get stuck in our bodies which feels really…

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Our Thoughts Matter

Our Thoughts Matter

We all have the ability to talk to ourself, to choose thoughts and to think intentional thoughts which serve us… our thoughts matter!

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My comeback story

My Comeback Story

From chronically ill to vibrantly alive, after a lifelong prescription for medications, I decided to find another way. My comeback story…

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