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Stop Using Food To Cope- Rewire Your Brain to Crave Foods that Create Time, Energy, and Clarity. Embody Your Transformations with Integration Support in 120 days. Or You Don’t Pay

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Who is this for?

This Transformational Program Is Designed Exclusively for Spiritual Humans Facing These Challenges

Normalized Chronic Stress, Frustration, and Overwhelm

Do you feel you’re endlessly running around without a moment to take a breath and savor what you have because there’s too much to do and not enough time to get it done? Do you wish you had more time for the things that matter most, but even when you do you struggle to turn your doing work-brain off? I’ll help you understand how your brain works, how to manage it, and how to use your brain to deep think as well as make high-level decisions that align with your priorities and gain you energy and time.

Needing Substances to Cope

Are you wishing you didn’t have to rely on coffee  or Adderall to keep you focused and get through the day? Are you then begrudgingly using alcohol in the evening to wind down, enjoy, and turn off? This program is designed to help you connect the dots of which foods fuel your body and brain without bogging your system down; reverse engineer a high-level brain state of “on” with foods and habits that ignite and focus your super-computer brain-power in your work hours and then know which foods and routines help you turn your brain off and get into relax, enjoy, and play mode.

Addiction to Unhealthy Foods

Are you waking up in the morning groggy and tired? Is it typical for you to crave and Crave, over-desire, and battle foods that you have a hunch are not serving you and may be connected to you feeling, tired, drained, and unsatisfied? Together, we’ll retrain your brain and tastebuds to crave foods that fuel your body and brain with what it truly needs to thrive.

Embodying Transformation

Are you a bit of a health nut and already have a good idea of what your body needs, yet struggle to embody the habits you desire? Have you recreationally experimented with plant medicine and not gotten the shifts you were hoping for? My pre- and post-integration support will provide you with the set and setting and insight-provoking questions needed to truly embody the food and mood changes transformations at a cellular level.

What to expect from this program

chandra zas

How The Program Works

Pillar 1: Mood Before Food

One of the biggest reasons food changes are so hard and backfire is due to not addressing underlying default mood states like stress and overwhelm. Get your body out of a state of physiological stress and create space for food shifts that stick from a place of curiosity and self-love (how about true desire or your WANT instead of self-love). Develop the ability to effectively respond to your brain's thoughts and generate useful emotions.

Pillar 2: De and Re- Normalise FOOD

Many people believe that conveniently packaged calories labeled 'healthy' are real food, but this is simply a marketing tactic. Crave foods that give you sustainable energy and identify the connections between different foods and their impact on your energy levels. Recalibrate taste buds, transform microbiome cravings, and develop new belief patterns around food.

Pillar 3: Cellular Knowing

Gain insights and embodiment with Integration Support (what about the word consultation here instead of support). Enter into an intentional container for directed and desired shifts to drop your intellectual learning into your cellular being and way of showing up. Access your higher self for deep thinking on your business and your life; and drop into a patient, playful, presence in the evenings and weekends.

See what some of my clients are saying

Client Testimonial


“When I started coaching with Chandra I was in a tough moment. My plan was to work on my health via food, which we did and it helped; but the bigger growth I did in her program was around moving from feeling like a victim to feeling empowered and taking charge of my body and my life.

I was tolerating parts of my life and using coping habits that harmed my life and kept me stuck. Using the tools I used with Chandra, I made a couple big changes in my life that I needed and wanted for a long time but did not know how.

I now feel and show up like a hero for my kids and myself.”

Chandra Zas

Client Testimonial


“Being in my body has been a struggle for much of my life.

Getting to a place where I am comfortable in my own skin has been huge both physically and emotionally.

I have fought against and under-nourished my body which took a bigger toll than I realized; I was unaware of how much it drained and fragmented me. 

Using Chandra’s bone broth recipe, in the first few months, was a game changer. I started regularly feeding my body very nourishing meals and gaining momentum for wanting to take deeper care of my body.” 


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