Angela’s Coaching Story From Scarcity to Clarity

From Time Scarcity to Clarity “You are Truly a Master Chandra“

Welcome. Today, I’m stoked to share a bubbly testimonial from Angela, who embarked on a transformative coaching journey with me. Angela has graciously agreed to discuss her experiences, the changes she has made, and the insights she has gained. Let’s dive in!

From Reno to Costa Rica: A New Beginning

Angela and her family used to live in Reno, where our daughters became good friends. Over time, Angela and I started discussing food and wellness offline. When I launched my group coaching program, Angela considered joining but decided to focus on her relationship with time in a 1 to 1 container instead. Despite not working on food directly, their move to Costa Rica naturally led them to reset their food habits beautifully.

Meet Angela

Angela is on a remarkable journey of growth and transformation. Living in Costa Rica with her husband Andrew and their two young daughters, she finds herself at a career crossroads. After over 15 years in the corporate world, she is now exploring new paths and leaning in to following her heart and intuition.

Coaching Focus: Time and Life Decisions

When Angela started coaching with me, she wanted to work on her relationship with time, particularly the feelings of scarcity and rushing. This exploration led us to delve into deeper aspects of her life, including significant career decisions. Angela highlighted a powerful concept we worked on: making decisions from an expanded, embodied state rather than a place of contraction. This shift has profoundly impacted her life.

Tools and Techniques: Expanded Self and Decision-Making

One tool Angela found transformative was connecting with her expanded, embodied self. This approach helped her make decisions not just with her mind but by feeling them in her body. Understanding the difference between her prefrontal cortex and primal brain, Angela learned to make clear, grounded decisions from a connected place. This practice has become a daily habit, enabling her to navigate life’s challenges with newfound clarity and confidence. She shares how she feels she now has tools for life.

Overcoming Hesitations

Initially, Angela hesitated to invest in coaching, questioning the potential return on investment. However, her intuition guided her to take the leap. Reflecting on her journey, she realizes the immense value of the coaching experience, which far exceeded her initial expectations.

“You don’t know you don’t know.” Angela

The Power of Coaching Content

Angela made the most of my coaching content, watching video modules and taking notes before our sessions. This preparation allowed her to integrate the lessons deeply and apply them effectively during our sessions. She praised the content for its relatability, actionable insights, and life-changing wisdom.

Lifelong Tools and Self-Coaching

One of the most significant takeaways for Angela was the self-coaching tool model. This framework empowers clients to take control of their growth and continue their journey independently. Angela now feels equipped with the skills to navigate future challenges and make empowered decisions.

Recommendations and Reflections

Angela wholeheartedly recommends my coaching program. She values the transformation she experienced, the expanded awareness, and the practical tools she gained. She believes many people, including her friends and loved ones, could benefit from this transformative experience.

“You are a master at your craft Chandra, truly.” Angela

Final Thoughts

Angela’s journey highlights the profound impact of personalized coaching. By focusing on both immediate concerns and deeper life goals, coaching can unlock new perspectives and empower individuals to make meaningful changes.

Thank you, Angela, for sharing your story. Your journey of growth and transformation is truly inspiring!

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Quotes from Angela
“I’m on a journey of growth and transformation.”
“I feel like I’m exiting the program with Quantum wings.”
“One tool specifically that’s been really powerful for me is the idea of the expanded self or the embodied self.”
“I’ve been learning how to connect with my higher self and stepping into this embodied state.”
“The coaching helped me get clear on my decisions and follow my heart and interests.”
“The awareness I’ve gained from this coaching is profound and continues to expand every day.”
“I’ve walked away with powerful life tools that I can share with my daughters and use for the rest of my life.”
Meet Angela, a mother of two, who embarked on an incredible journey of self-discovery and growth with coaching. ✨
From struggling with decision-making to embracing her expanded self, Angela shares how coaching helped her gain clarity and essential tools for personal growth. 💡❤️
“Coaching has given me powerful life tools that I can use every day. It’s not just about managing time, but about transforming my entire approach to life,” says Angela.
Join us in celebrating her inspiring journey and the transformative power of coaching!

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