Behind The Scenes: Deep Thinking IS My Most Valuable Work Hours

woman, brunette, lying down-2003647.jpg

I was laying in the grass, staring at the sky, and wanting to share with you how Deep Thinking is My Most Valuable Work Hours.

We so often rush from task to task, meeting to meeting, hour to hour without giving our brain time to process, solve, and create higher-quality answers.

When we intentionally slow down, listen, and stare, the deep wisdom inside of each of us has space to answer.

Laying in the grass might look like I am taking a break or not working… but I find it is the most valuable time that I spend on both my business and my life.

This is one of the fruitful steps to learning how to “use your mind, don’t let it use you”.

Tune in, listen, and try it out… I am sure you will find it refreshing and rewarding.

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