Change Is Possible

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What does it take to change?

Desire, choice, self management and willingness to feel discomfort.

I am kinda obsessed with change.

It has opened up my life from my internal reality being gray and depressed to a reality that I am content and proud of.

I was at least fifty pounds over weight (more than once), I was depressed, I had addictions (like sugar, tobacco and coffee), and my reality of life was heavy and dark.

I had perpetual negative thoughts and my head was cloudy.

I have been my own biggest project. Climbing out of a hole and into a life of lightness and joy.

I want to share my obsession.

I believe that becoming a new version of you is one hundred percent possible, if it is truly desired.

Most people believe that change is too hard. This belief in and of itself is limiting.

I have devoted my personal life to the cause. I have shifted my physical health, my emotional state, my mental state and my entire internal reality.

IF you truly want to change anything in your life, then change is possible.

If you choose to invest in your Self, get to know your thoughts and your feelings and your real wants, then your life will open and you will have so much to contribute and give. This is the real juice of life, the gift of giving and contributing is the ultimate feel good to go after. And it all starts with your internal reality.

Who are you? What do you have inside?

What needs attention? What is ready to bloom?

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