Elite Gut Health

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“I think we eat the best of anyone we know,” my man said to me while we were bustling around the kitchen.

I agree and I wanted to share with you more of the details.

I work with a lot of people who have some serious gut troubles. And I love helping them because I remember suffering and making their path shorter out of suffering brings me immense satisfaction.

But my serious gut troubles are over a decade behind me.

My man and I love to eat nutrient-dense foods. We eat like elite gut health heroes.

A friend of mine shared her observation of us… that we are food snobs in the sense of seriously prioritizing the quality of the food ingredients that go in our guts.

We don’t care about price, we care about our health above all. We will ditch all the other costs (like restaurant and coffee out) before we touch our gut-friendly organic produce and meat quality.

So what we are experiencing is this incredible freedom around food. We are both metabolically flexible and so we can easily choose to fast without feeling hangry. And, in fact, actually feeling quite the opposite… feeling super-human-ish. Seriously.

We feel like we have food dialed in a way that our time, productivity, and nutrients are all optimized.

Gut Health changes do take time and attention, but on the other side is a massive gain. In our opinion, 1000% worth it.

If your gut is in decent shape and you want to take your health to the next level then please reach out to me and let’s set up a date to talk about one of my favorite topics- gut health optimization.

Can you imagine choosing to eat foods for the purpose of feeling like a super-human? I highly recommend it.

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