Generational Food Problems

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Why can some people, like our grandparents, eat the same foods that are problems for the younger generations? The answer lies in the question.. it is a generational food problem; one connected to the drastic change in food that is now considered normal.

Here is my Generational Food Problem theory:

Our parents generation was the first to grow up on processed foods, their parents did not.

Ready-made, man- made, food entered the consumer market in the 1950\’s.

The generations born after 1950 were born into and with the genetic effects of man-made foods.

The nutrients in our food interact with our genes. The study of this interaction is known as “nutrigenomics.” It is a budding and fascinating field of science.

Our parents and grandparents all had unaffected genes, still very strong, and built on whole food because man-made foods were invented after they were born. Therefore, our parents do not really feel the effects of the processed foods, their genes are literally stronger because of the lack of man-made foods in their diet.

But our generation, we are the first generation who was born to parents who ate man-made processed foods, we grew up eating baby foods and kid foods which were conveniently processed…

We have the food sensitiveness, we are having the digestive troubles, we are having the allergies, we are intolerant, we are bloated and fatigued.

It is only in the last 70 years that processed foods have been available, that food has been in such abundance, that we could eat all the time and for so cheap.

We are the experiment.

Think about it, our bodies are being asked to process foods that it has not processed before. Man-made chemicals, that our bodies have never been exposed to, are now regular in-put.

Our bodies are being forced to attempt to adapt, evolution-wise, overnight.

These new, yet to be figured-out, foods are actually toxic to our bodies and the toxins are accumulating generationally.

Our food induced digestive troubles are growing.

All of our detox organs, our skin, our liver, our kidneys, and our lungs are working overtime trying to figure out how to process this inundation of new man-made foods.

We can take the pressure off our detox organs, off our bodies systems, we can support its function instead of take its functioning for granted.

Our genes are affected by the foods we eat.

We have inherited generational food problems by default.

But we can reverse the damage and postivitly affect our genes intentionally for the better.

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