The Gut Health ReSet Challenge

This week I have a treat for all of us. I am building up to offering all of you, gut health warriors, a food challenge. This week I want to share my story of ‘The 14-day Challenge that Changed My Health.’

I want to first appreciate and thank you for being here, and for participating, without you, this would not be nearly as rewarding for me, so thank you!

If you go look at this week’s video on Youtube or Instagram you will see me filming this episode in a new location… in our new home which is a super sexy Airstream. The compost toilet is not so sexy, but everything else is. (If you have not seen my videos check out the bottom of this post. I’ll put some links there for you.)

I’ve been getting my groove on with my gut health coaching business. It’s rocking my world, pushing me in great ways. I have real live clients that I coach (from my Airstream) who are having transformations. Their minds are being blown, feeling like they are popping out of the matrix. So cool.

I feel so lucky to have found my calling, there’s nothing else I

would rather be doing than this work right here with you and with my clients.

The Special-Something That I Have Coming For Us This Month, It Starts With A Story From When I Was 16 Years Old.

It started with my best friend, named Kendra, who dared me to go without animal products for two weeks. She was into animal rights and I believe she was a vegan at the time.

I like a good challenge.

I’m into challenges.

When took my friend’s challenge, over 20 years ago, I was living in a small town in a time before health stores or alternative food options. There were no store-ready vegan foods available.

So what it meant for me, when taking this dare, was that I ate fruits and vegetables, only, for two weeks.

Honestly, eating only fruits and veggies, wasn’t that big of a deal for me.

But what was a huge deal, is what happened on day ten.

I remember the experience of waking up, in my room at my parent’s house, and I felt so radically different.

I remember looking around and it felt like I was seeing colors for the first time.

My head wasn’t hurting, I was feeling really clear and light, I wasn’t bloated, and I had this incredible sensation of feeling really good.

I remember thinking to myself, “what the heck just happened and how do I get more of this?”

This moment was really the beginning point of me playing with my food intake, experimenting with my health, and viscerally understanding that what I put in my mouth has a really big impact on how I feel in my body, in my brain, and in my belly.

From that moment I went on to try a hundred and one health-related experiments. I’ve experimented trying to see how I could affect how I feel.

I’m a good health coach because this is what I do for fun; it’s what

I’ve done it for fun for twenty years.

I want to offer You the same opportunity that my vegan friend gave me: a challenge to go without man-made calories for fourteen days.

If you want to do it like I did it, keep it super simple by eating fruits and vegetables, then rock it. Like if your brain is saying, “Oh my gosh, I don’t know what to eat…”

Then just eat fruits and vegetables for two weeks and you’ll have the same experience that I had.

If you’re maybe a little bit more advanced in your gut health and you know some things- meaning it is not too big of a leap for you then here’s the other set of rules:

  • no man-made calories

  • no medium or high processed foods

  • if you buy something in a store that’s in a package it can only have one ingredient like ‘olive oil’ or ‘salt’ or ‘rice’

What this does is simplifies and clean up what you’re going to be putting in your gut.

What We Put In Our Mouth Goes In Our Gut

This 14-day challenge is a Gut Health ReSet opportunity of eating super clean and will give you first-hand insight and information about what you could feel like.

Think of it like a baseline starting point.

I’m not saying to eat this way forever. I’m not saying this is a lifelong thing.

I’m just saying give yourself the gift of feeling what it feels like to have this gut health reset and to have this super clean moment, a little snapshot in your life, of putting really really clean things in your gut.

I Encourage You To Bring A Buddy.

Food changes can be isolating if we hide away. So bring someone along that would also benefit from the ReSet.

Give yourself this gift of giving your gut (and brain) a whole bunch of nutrient-dense foods while avoiding man-made calories.

Man-made calories taste really good but they’re harmful to your gut so consider it a starting point and a sample.

Only 14 Days, You Can Totally Do This.

Included will be short daily gut-friendly videos into your inbox.

You’ll get pics of what I eat, too.

We’re going to challenge each other, hold space for each other, and we will play with our food – therefore will be playing with our gut health. Fun!

Life’s too short not to have more fun and play more.

I’m challenging you to a gut health reset for 14 days, are You In?

Honestly, it really is one of the best gifts that I can offer you and that you can give to yourself.

You can also do the challenge by yourself. Either way is cool.

But just like ‘happiness is better shared’, so is ‘a good challenge is better shared.’

Share this with someone who you want to bring along for the journey and who you think might benefit… maybe you have already talked about it and it’s already an idea between you two.

Let’s rock it, let’s do a little challenge.

It’s the perfect time of year right now to eat clean and to do a little cleanse, eat simply. Spring is the natural time of year to cleanse and to like eat lots of fruits and vegetables. This is the season!

Have a beautiful day a beautiful.

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