‘I Don’t Know’ Will Steal Your Dreams

I don’t Know

‘I don’t know,’ is the dream stealing thought.

When you think the thought ‘I don’t know’, you are robbing yourself of your inner wisdom, your knowing.

I have a list of words and phrases that I have flagged and put attention on.

‘I don’t know’, is one of them.

When my brain produces this thought I catch my Self and ask instead, “What if I do know?”.

I generally pause.

My brain does an awkward flip and readjustment.

Then I feel my mind open and start searching for answers.

Instead of closing down with ‘I don’t know’, my brain opens to problem solving and possibilities.

This is a piece of brain training that I really love.

Every time I ask my brain an open-ended positive-formed question I am re-training the way my default brain functions.

What if you meet your mind from a place of knowing?

What if you challenged your brain’s thought of ‘I don’t know’?

When you have a dream it is normally something bigger than what you already have.

Normally a dream requires a change, a challenge, obstacles, learning, and becoming.

Going after a big dream brings up a lot of…

  • I don’t know how to…

  • I don’t know if I can…

  • I don’t know what will happen…

  • I don’t know…

What if you knew this was a normal reaction of your brain to something new and challenging?

Would you let a thought steal your dream?

What if you knew how to talk back and to ask your brain questions…?

Would you put an end to letting your ‘I don’t know’ thought steal your dreams?

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