“I Just Love Eating…”

I just love eating

“I just love eating.”

“I can’t imagine not eating…” (insert anything that you seriously desire, have an inkling is not fuel for your body or brain, and regularly eat anyway).

Eating food feels good.

Our brain evolved to feel pleasure when eating; this motivated us to survive.

Eating flour and sugar feels addicting… because it is.

Our brain has not evolved to understand flour and sugar.

The human body has not evolved to digest and process these concentrated substances. (Yes, I purposely refrained from calling flour and sugar foods.)

Concentrated substances hit the dopamine button in your brain. Your brain believes that these concentrated substances are the most important thing to focus on and consume.

This is why you feel like you have to eat them, why you feel addicted, and why you cannot imagine your life without them.

I knew that I was addicted to sugar when I was unable to focus on a conversation because there was a cake with frosting on the other side of the room.

The human body needs vitamins, nutrients, proteins, oils, carbs, and fibers.

When you eat flour or sugar you are eating nutrient-deficient calories.

You are eating substances that cause insulin spikes and inflammation.

There is absolutely no upside (for your health) to eating flour nor sugar.

You just feel good when you do. (Pure pleasure.)

In the moments surrounding consumption, your brain goes wild for flour and sugar.

You cannot imagine denying yourself this pleasure.

Because that is how your brain is wired.

You have allowed it to fall into the trap of false pleasure.

You are in a cycle of immediate gratification.

If you try to avoid eating flour or sugar you feel like you are fighting against yourself.

Because your primal brain is convinced.

Like a toddler, out of control and screaming for more.

“I just love eating,” is an indulgent thought that leads to indulgent eating.

Your Life could Be Bigger.

Life without sugar and flour is so much bigger.

Less impulsive, less reactive.

Making decisions from your prefrontal brain empowers you to fuel your body with food that considers the health of your future body.

Planned and proactive.

Your love for food is normal.

You can learn how to love food that sets you up for a vibrant future.

Or you can keep letting your toddler brain run the show and constantly indulge in substances that harm you.

Your choice.

Your life.

Free will is real.

How do you use yours?

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