The Man-Made Food Problem

Man made food problems

The biggest problem of all: today, we collectively believe that man-made food is normal.

In the last one hundred years, we have figured out how to make food. We have figured out how to process and package food. We have invented chemicals and preservatives that give food a shelf-life and make it taste extraordinary.

What we know today of normal food is a brand new normal and one that our physical bodies have yet to adapt to.

Man-Made Food Belief

Every single one of my clients has an unconscious belief that they should be able to eat a certain way; whether it is their mother’s cooking, the local pizza, what their friends eat, or simply foods that they enjoy eating and find familiarity in.

Addressing digestive troubles creates an emotional conflict and a social conflict because it means addressing man-made food habits.

I know this conflict inside out, both personally and professionally.

I personally battled back and forth for years with my food habits.

I battled against my body by eating foods that made me bloated, tired, and grouchy. I battled against social norms when refraining from normal foods and suffering the social discomfort. This battel was frustrating and exhausting.

Every time, I made a stance and accepted the social discomfort, inevitably someone engaged with me and wanted to ask me questions. We learned about our common digestion problems.

This went on for years.

I continued talking with more and more people who also suffered from food-induced digestive troubles and were watching what they ate.

I started to put the puzzle together.

The man-made foods, which we all believe “we should be able to eat”, are the problem.

My priorities shifted, my health became more important, and I started questioning the social norms surrounding me.

My food-shift away from the norm of man-made foods was cemented.

I take every client of mine through their own version of this food shift.

The confusing part: why can some eat the foods that are problems for others? Like our parents’ generation, notice how they have almost no food problems. Why is this?

My next post will be my theory on this, stay tuned for: Generational Food Problems.

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