Mineral Absorption At Hot Springs

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It is springtime and I am totally into this theme of sweat, skin, movement, and being outdoors. I am going to keep rolling with the theme and talk about mineral absorption at hot springs.

Water is important to life, our health, and our unique planet of planet Earth.

Different Water Has Different Properties.

City water has different water, even from city to city because it depends on where the water is coming from, its source, as well as how it is treated.

Even fresh mountain water has different properties depending on the mountain and the types of rocks and soil the water is passing through.

As water passes over different surfaces like rocks or through pipes it absorbs different particles.

Drinking pure, chemical-free, and mineral-rich water is vital to health.

I want to talk about my favorite route of mineral absorption which is at hot springs.

Hot springs are my birthday routine. Also, rock climbing often has hot springs nearby so it is a part of our rock climbing routine. My little one also loves hot springs; she will hang out for hours in the mineral-rich waters with us.

Different Hot Springs Have Different Minerals.

Lithium is one example of a hot spring water source that has high amounts of lithium, which is great for depression.

We can also create mineral baths in our home by adding minerals to our baths like Dead Sea salts which are rich in many minerals or Epsom salt which is rich in magnesium.

Magnesium is an important mineral that most people are deficient in. Low levels of magnesium can cause muscle cramping, constipation, physiological stress, and anxiety.

Having enough is important to our body’s functioning and it is a safe supplement to take because our body cannot absorb too much. If we take in more than we need then our body sends it out via our stools.

Magnesium as a topical is nice to take because it bypasses our digestive system, remember our skin absorbs what it touches.

Magnesium in the form of a powder, I like the brand calm, is a great supplement to take especially when detoxing or cleansing because it helps ensure that toxins being released are making their way out instead of being reabsorbed

What Else Is In Your Water?

Besides talking about all the beneficial mineral absorption at hot springs it is a good idea to think about the other waters that are touching your skin and being absorbed.

What is in your water in your house, is there chlorine? Are there funky particles from old pipes that your skin and ultimately You are absorbing?

Is your water void of minerals?

Gut health requires that all systems are running and have what they need. Minerals are a foundational component to your body systems having their health.

What is in the water that you are drinking?

Remember that water on your skin is very similar to the water that you are drinking; both are absorbed.

Summary: pay attention to the water you consume internally and externally by checking out what it contains.

I like the phrase: minimize toxins in and support toxins going out. What that means is making sure your water is free of toxins and that your body is getting the minerals it needs in order to do its many amazing tasks, like getting toxins out.

To Heal, To Flourish, And To Live.

Go to the hot springs to go get your mineral absorption on and also check into what is in your water at home.

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