New Years Resolutions and Measurable Goals

Setting Measurable Goals for a Vibrant New Year
As the New Year begins, many of us are crafting our New Year’s resolutions, aiming to step into the forthcoming year with intent and purpose. However, for me and my clients, resolutions aren’t just aspirations—they’re measurable goals that translate into tangible transformations. Reflecting on my clients transformations, I’ve come to highly value the power of setting clear, measurable goals. Here’s a list of my clients measurable goals they set and achieved.
Client Transformations: Before & After
One of the most gratifying experiences as a coach is witnessing the journey my clients embark on.
Nourishing the Body: Over and Under Weight
One client who’s measurable goal was around weight loss who set her goal of her clothes getting loose. Fast forward to the present, she has gone down multiple sizes in clothing- a testament to the physical transformation achieved through un-hijacking her brain from man-made calories and getting her body talking to her and craving nourishing foods.
Gaining 15 pounds might sound counterintuitive in a culture who is more often over-weight. However, being underweight and under-nourished is an important health situation to address. One of my clients goal is to gain 15 pounds and by creating a nourishing relationship to her body. Slowing down, listening, and feeding her body is where she is at. She is proud to be giving these new nourishing food habits to her boys as well.
CEO Brain Activation & Preventing Burnout
Productivity at the business owner level demands a highly focused mind. One of my clients had increasing his brain’s focus as his main goal. After going through the food reset in my program, feeling a new food baseline, and then having some sugar over Easter; he became crystal clear on how sugar affected his brain and resolute to minimize sugar. As bonuses he dropped 40 pounds and got his gout became manageable through his food changes.
Another woman was clear she wanted to continue doing great things but not at the expense of herself. She wanted to get a handle on her repeated patterns of burnout. “The old me would have been a wreck under these conditions, instead I am now handling it all with grace.”
Emotional & Mental Wellness
Getting a grip on anxiety, feeling more grounded, and showing up decisive. A number of my clients have had very similar goals around how they want to feel and show up; less anxious and less self doubt to more grounded or more confident. “I now have a rudder, where before I was an annoying mosquito.” “I am a whole new person emotionally, my family notices my change.”
“Food is one of my goals for 2024.”
If you are serious about your food and mood health resolutions for 2024 and ready for help, I highly encourage you to reach out to me and sign up for my program.
The foundation of your health is your food and your mood; make your diet, stress, and lifestyle using my food and mood program. It will help you achieve your resolutions. And we will start by getting clear on your measurable goals, and then we will track your progress along the way!
“Chandra guided me on making what I have always considered impossible possible… to help me make small (but very big) changes to my lifestyle and food choices.”

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