Nutrigenomics: The Food Remedy

Nutrigenomics: The Food Remedy

The nutrients and chemicals in our foods interact with our genes. We have the ability to transform our biology and change our own health journey for better or for worse. Nutrigenomics is the food remedy that we all have access to today.

I had a five year period, in my twenties, of many detoxes, cleanses, and diets. I studied Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, Raw Food, and concepts related to the microbiome.

Looking back, I realize that the food remedies I found are now called Nutrigenomics.

It dramatically changed how I ate, and will forever eat.

I suffered from bloating, fatigue, depression, eczema, asthma, and food allergies.

As I dove into the nutrigenomics world, I studied it, I surrounded myself with others who were on similar health journeys, I encouraged my friends and I self experimented religiously.

I came to see the pattern.

What we eat and what we do not eat: both are equally critical.

When our body systems have build up and back up then they create emergency routes, like eczema. Or they attempt to repair by urging us to sleep and rest hence feelings of fatigue and exhaustion.

These are signs that our body is not optimally functioning.

The food remedy has two parts.

Reduce negative (toxin) input: generally categorized as man-made foods and chemicals.

Increase positive input: generally listed as proteins, oils, minerals, nutrients, and vitamins – necessities for our body to build and repair.

It sounds simple: eat whole foods, real-food, low processed food, organic food, nutrient dense food, and do not eat processed foods.

But that is a massive shift from what we currently believe to be normal; easier said than done.

Food Remedy Guidelines

Treat food as the fuel it is meant to be for our body.

Be apart of re-writing our social norms around food.

Each of my clients, as they begin to make this leap, they start talking to their friends about their food changes, and they are often surprised to find that at least a few of them are on a similar food-change journey.

We are not alone and singled-out, as it first may seem when we step into food changes.

There is a food revolution happening. More and more of us are noticing the impact of food on our energy levels and our health.

Sure, occasionally our bodies can handle some man-made foods, just don’t make it the normal every day, make it the exception.

The Financial Cost

Often, the next bump in the road that my clients meet is the financial cost of eating healthy. It is cheaper to eat man-made foods.

My question is:

What is the quality of your health worth?

You may not pay today or tomorrow, but your future health will certainly pay the price.

The cost of food in America has gone down but our health costs have gone up, pay now, or pay later.

I see the food that I put and don’t put, into my body as the biggest preventative impact I can make on the quality of my life and my health.

Food is medicine or it is a toxin.

What we eat is either going to make our body-systems run easier or force our bodies to work harder.

We have the power, by what we put in our mouth. Check our Nutrigenomics, it is our modern food remedy.

Eat for your future self.

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