Our Food Back-History

As I have started documenting our family gut friendly recipes, I feel compelled to share our food back-history. I think you will find our story interesting and give context to our individual and family food relationships. Also, I want to give credit to the true ‘best cooker’ in our house.

Food changes are hard for a number of reasons: habit and cravings for one, but also because changing the way we eat can be like learning a new language. Food changes start from understanding how foods affect our bodies, then a shopping list and host of decisions in the store, then it requires either learning how to make food (for people who default to eating out) or figuring out how to make different recipes that likely are first times.

There are a lot of opportunities to give up.

My man and I, we, are exceptions because we have made food a center piece of our life. Healthy food was each of our individual priority before we met. Among our friends we are each known as food snobs, but in the ingredient and quality type of snobs. Together we stand strong in food choices, honestly it is an incredible dynamic we share and enjoy.

Yesterday, our three year old came home from school excited and jumping saying, “I didn’t eat the sugar-pasta, are you proud Emma (Hebrew for mommy)? The other kids are gonna lay on the ground because they ate the sugar-pasta.”

Our family motto: eat foods to feel good. But not like most people eat foods to feel the dopamine rush… we eat foods to feel good after the meal, the rest of the day, and tomorrow.

This next few months I will be publishing our recipes. But in today’s content I want to share the back story of each of our food stories.

I highly encourage you to watch the video or listen to the podcast to hear our food back history on how we got to where we are today and why each of us cooks the way we do.

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