Overeating Negatively Effects Gut Health

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Overeating is a crazy common thing that has become normalized. Everyone knows that overeating leads to becoming overweight; in addition, overeating negatively effects gut health.

Over-eating is a common struggle. I hear phrases like, “I am trying to cut back,” “I am trying to eat less,” “I am trying to be good,” I am working on controlling myself.”

In this weeks topic I dive into why simply trying to change a food habit like overeating at the behavior level is destined for failure. I also talk about the aspects of habit change that actually get results.

Diving into our relationship with food, what we think about food, what we think is normal, and how to change our mindset around food that makes food changes, like overeating, far more easier.

I also talk about the entangled relationship we modern westerners have with food; namely that we have normalized using food to solve emotional problems.

I know when I was overeating all the time, I was very seriously avoiding my feelings… which meant that when I stopped using food to tolerate my life that I had to face parts of my life that needed addressing.

The normal behavior is to use food to feel better, whether it is sad, upset, bored, or even to celebrate: we over-use food and cause our gut to work extra… leading to gut issues.

If you are thinking about making food changes then come listen in or watch my video on overeating. Food changes do not need to be a battle if you approach your food changes at the relationship level.

  • The 80% rule

  • The impact on microbiome

  • Our gut evolution vs modern day norms

Think of how amazing would it be to have a clean and clear relationship with food.

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