Is It Normal? (Poop-Talk)

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A number of years ago, I worked in a raw food detox center that encouraged everyone to do enemas. Naturally, poop talk became a common topic of conversation. ‘Is it normal’ was a question I heard regularly.

One woman’s story, on poop-talk, is etched into my memory in regard to the large spectrum of what people believe is normal.

She grew up believing that pooping once every thirty days was normal (and okay).

Often we take on our family’s beliefs of what is normal when they are actually false or detrimental.

My dad used to tell me that our family only poops in the morning when I was heading to the toilet after dinner. I think he thought that I was trying to get out of dishes.

The question becomes, not what is normal, but rather what is healthy.

Normal Vs Healthy: Poop-Talk

Some say that pooping twice a day is healthy, some say daily, and some say within thirty minutes of waking; I say that daily is a great place to meet in the middle and even start for some.

Ideally, pooping is not reliant on caffeine, which is quite normal for many I know and some of my clients.

There is also an importance of how your poop looks; its color, shape, texture, form, and even smell.

My toddler has been having epic poops lately, I have prioritized seeing her gut health with its best conditions by the food I feed her and the way I have tended to her microbiome. I am quite proud of her poops: medium-colored brown, well-formed, at first floating and then dropping, mild smell, and little to wipe.

I often talk poop with both my friends and my clients; it is a massive indicator of gut health and general health.

I love talking about poop. For me, it is similar to asking, how are you?

How is your poop?

If you have a child or a pet you know that when you talk with a doctor about their health, poop-talk comes up. This is because poop is an insightful chunk of information into a body’s health or system imbalance.

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