Do You ask Your Brain Quality Questions?

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How many quality questions do you give your brain?

What is a quality question?

A quality question is a question that serves you and adds value to your life.

Your brain is wired and has evolved to answer questions and solve problems.

It does it all the time regardless, on auto-pilot, by default.

Meditation develops the skill of being able to watch your thoughts; to untangle your identity with your thinking.

You don’t have to meditate to do this, but you do have to practice in order to learn how.

Once you are able to watch your own thoughts then you become aware of the thoughts being produced in your brain along with the questions that are happening in your brain.

Why does this matter?

Because without supervision your brain goes to all kinds of unproductive crazy places. There is nothing wrong with you, in fact, your brain is doing its normal thing of looking for problems, focusing on what is wrong and directing you to safety; it is helping you survive.

Under supervision, with intentional thinking, you can direct your brain to solve problems and answer questions.

A common unsupervised thought is, “what is wrong with me?” which sets your brain up for focusing on your faults.

Train Your Brain to Help you Thrive.

If you direct your brain by asking it open-ended and solution-based questions like, “How can I add value to my life/job/relationship?” (pick one at a time) then your brain will provide you with ideas of value.

The point is focusing your brain on useful questions, quality questions, questions that add value to your life.

Your brain is already working.

How would your perspective of your life open up if you started asking your brain quality questions intentionally?

Can you recall saying any of these phrases?

  • “Let me sleep on it”.

  • “Let me chew on that idea”.

  • “Give me a few days, I’ll get back to you”.

These are all ways that you naturally give your brain some time to digest an idea or a proposition and to come up with a solution or an answer.

How would your perspective of your life open up if you started asking your brain quality questions intentionally?

Quality Questions to Try on You Brain:

How can I add value?

How can I show up as my best self?

How do I want to show up?

Who do I want to become?

What are my options?

How can I make this fun?

What is the silver lining?

How can I be an example of what is possible?

How can I have more fun?

What can I do to laugh today?

How can I make myself a priority so that I have more to give?

What do I love about myself?

How can I become more connected to my internal joy?

How can I live my best life?

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