Re-Establishing Our Microbiome

Re-Establishing Our Microbiome

The gut microbiome has gotten a lot of attention lately, but our microbiome at large is just as relevant, interconnected, and important. Re-establishing our microbiome, gut and all, is a pertinent piece in healing our gut and healing our lives.

Our primal brains LOVE sugar, therefore we think that sugar is one of the best parts of life… or our day at least.

Processed sugar feeds everything bad in our body: yeasts, fungi, and cancers.

We used to think that bacteria were bad and sterilization is the answer. Until we started over sanitizing and overdoing it on the antibiotics. I love science.

The secret is in feeding the good bacteria in our body and keeping everything else in balance.

Our microbiome is the genetic material where fungus, yeasts, protozoa, and viruses reside in our bodies. Think of it as a living ecosystem inside our bodies.

The health of our microbiome plays a big role in the health of our bodies. A compromised or imbalanced microbiome leads to imbalances in the body’s organs and systems.

Tell-tell signs that a microbiome imbalance is present.

  • White spots on the skin

  • Funky stuff growing on toenails

  • Rashes

  • Bloating

  • Gas

  • Cravings

The 3 Main Steps to Re-Establishment

  • 1-Eating clean nutritious food.

  • 2- Starving the bad guys, meaning no processed sugars and foods.

  • 3-Intentionally feeding the good bacteria: kraut, kombucha, ferments, as well as taking prebiotics and probiotics.

Reestablishment does not happen overnight. In some extreme cases, like me, it takes a year.

My Microbiome

I do not know why I was born with such a makeup that is so sensitive. Like I have said before, I am one of the most sensitive people I have ever known of or met.

Through the years of playing with my microbiome, starving the bad guys, and feeding the good guys- I have been able to build a strong microbiome (for me).

I am far less sensitive to many things, but I am still sensitive.

Skin Microbiome

My skin tends to be my weakest point, particularly my hands. And environmental exposures are my biggest trigger.

Over the years, I have discovered that the less soap I use, which kills the good and bad guys, then the stronger my skin seems.

Having a little one, while living on a cruise ship, the last couple of years proved to me the problem that over-washing creates in my skin. City water is also a problem for my skin as well as chlorinated water.

Speaking of water…

One of my favorite skin remedies is hot springs. The warm waters, the relaxing, the detoxing, and the intake of minerals is a sure bet on repairing and nourishing my skin microbiome.

Do you think about your microbiome?

Do you intentionally feed and nourish yours?

Did you know that the state of our microbiome also has a huge impact on our brain function, clarity, and memory, as well as our emotional states, like depression and anxiety?

Food Matters

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