Seasonal Gut-Friendly Foods

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Getting in tune with one’s body includes getting in tune with your local seasonal gut-friendly foods. There is a cycle that many of us have become disconnected with because of the global availability to fly foods around and import them.

Depending if March is winter for you, will depend on if the foods I talk about today will line up for you. I am currently in California, North America, and it is the end of winter here.

Winter: Seasonal Gut-Friendly Foods

In winter, with my gut health clients, we focused on nourishing foods like soups, broths, plenty of non-trans fats oils, squashes, and root veggies to name the base.

Winter is about replenishing and nourishing.

Citrus is one of the seasonal foods that are very supportive of gut health. Lemons, oranges, and grapefruit all help our gut stay balanced in the winter.

The emotional season of winter includes resting, hibernating, and going inwards.

When we honor the winter we set ourselves up physically and emotionally for a more solid and full year.

Spring: Seasonal Gut-Friendly Foods

Springtime is a great time to plant our goals for the year and focus our energies towards what matters most.

Spring is a time that our body naturally cleanses; some of my favorite and often missed spring foods are the radish family including daikon. The Radish family is great for supporting the liver in its natural cleansing.

In Spring time, organic vegetable juice is a great light detox.

If your local spring season is warm and your gut function is fairly strong then salads are a great springtime food.

Summer: Seasonal Gut-Friendly Foods

Raw, organic vegetable juices are an excellent way to get lots of good enzymes and nutrients into your body from Spring through Summer.

Veggies in all varieties are often most available in the Summer… eat them up. Variety is important, do your best to diversify your veggies.

Summer is a time to be outdoors, enjoy the long days, and connect; it is our most energetically outward time of year. A great time to make big projects happen.

Fall: Seasonal Gut-Friendly Foods

A time to harvest and prepare for winter.

More to come about fall-time in the future.

Gut Health Year Round

If you have gut issues then soup and bone broths year-round are important.

Winter is not my favorite time of year… yet is still very important.

Winter season is not quite over yet, I encourage you to invest a bit of your energy in looking in and connecting with what is important to you for the year ahead.

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