Teeth Microbiome And Gut Connection

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Last week we covered tongue scraping and this week I want to continue with body parts and talk about our teeth microbiome.

Teeth are connected to our gut, just like every system and part in our body.

Everything is connected to our gut.

I have been buffing up on my teeth knowledge lately because my little one has a couple of teeth issues.

I have really strong teeth and have never had more than a cavity.

As I have been studying how to support my LO’s teeth I have been reminded of the connection between our gut and teeth. I have even learned about our teeth microbiome (or oral microbiome) which is the same concept as our gut microbiome.

Teeth Microbiome

Definition of microbiome 1: a community of microorganisms (such as bacteria, fungi, and viruses) that inhabit a particular environment and especially the collection of microorganisms living in or on the human body Your body is home to about 100 trillion bacteria and other microbes, collectively known as your microbiome. Meriam Webster Defined

And The Connection To Our Gut

Our teeth are extensions of our bones.

Pregnancy is a common time to have new teeth problems because our bodies are a source for our growing baby and nutrients that the baby needs are taken from the momma’s body.

I personally had a couple of teeth chips during pregnancy. And the weakness of my teeth is related to my LO pulling nutrients from my bones in order for her to grow.

This is why a nutrient-dense diet is so important for a pregnant mamma.

But for all of us, the health of our teeth and bones is directly connected to what we put in our gut.

Bone and teeth health is not an overnight thing, it is an accumulation of a long-term nutrient-dense diet.

I love Weston Price’s work and research on the connection to when sugar and processed foods entered people’s diets and the generational evidence of change in oral and jaw health. He is a great resource that further inspired my sugar and no processed food decisions.

Yeah… no sugar. This talk again.

Teeth, like every system in our body, are negatively affected by sugar.

Sugar feeds the bad bacteria in our gut microbiome and our teeth microbiome. Allowing all the good bacteria to get out balanced and overcome the bad bacteria.

Teeth microbiome out of balance = cavities.

Sugar is the opposite of nutrient-dense; sugar depletes our bodies of nutrients simply by being digested.

You know my sugar motto by now… starve the bad guys and feed the good guys; meaning do not eat sugar and do eat fermented foods.

Foods To Support Bone And Teeth:

  • Bone broths

  • Collagen

  • Foods dense in vitamins and minerals

  • Proteins

  • Health animal fats (non-trans fats)

  • Fermented foods (to help digest and absorb the nutrients)

Foods That Harm Bone And Teeth:

  • Flour

  • Processed sugars

Remember that diet changes with results, especially at the bone level, are an accumulation of choices and really a lifestyle.

Quitting Sugar and Processed Foods is Possible

Making food changes takes attention and energy, so I recommend you spend some time deciding if that is something that you want.

I promise you this change is very worth it.

Kid’s teeth are not as strong as adult teeth, this is why it is even more important to not expose their teeth to sugar, including juices.

And brushing is equally if not more important for kids; we learned this lesson the hard way.

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