Tesla Delivery | Creating Useful Positive Emotions

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My weekly video this week is all about us getting our Tesla. Yup, we just got our white on white, model Y 2022 Tesla. My partner is particularly in love with technology and the environment in general AND particularly with Tesla’s. So, if you want to watch the video, I have linked it in the bottom of this email. My coaching point of the video I will write out for you here:

From past to future:
Last year, we drove a 2000 Chevrolet that felt like driving in the past, while we lived in Isreal we went without a car, and now we feel like we are driving in the future with our new Tesla.

How does this relate to coaching and the theme of Zen Odyssey?

Well, one of the eventual places I guide my clients is to the ability to generate useful positive emotions like fully wanting and at the same time fully unattached– which is what I created for getting our Tesla earlier than later.

Here is the backstory:

We arrived to California and rented a car, which if you aren\’t aware, car rentals are up in cost. And as our Tesla delivery date kept getting pushed back later into the Summer, the idea of continuing to pay for a car rental led us to frustration. Late in May, while at my mom’s house, we got an update of another push back and so I decided that enough was enough… it was time to call customer service and talk to a real live human.

Luckily they did not pick up my morning call because I was frustrated and probably would have been met with the same words we were getting through SMS “just keep waiting”.

By the afternoon when James picked up, I had coached myself into an accepting and vulnerable ask for help. In fact, the automated recording asked me what was my call about, I simply replied, “help.”

An hour after talking to James and feeling like he genuinely was giving us his help, I thanked him and in the same breath mentioned something about how upset I was in the morning and grateful nobody answered.

I did not expect him to say anything, but he did.

He said, “Yeah if you had called in like “that” we probably would have told you that there was nothing we could do.”

I felt the honest truth in his words.

AND… I know it first hand. Generating useful positive emotions works, it is one of my super skills that has opened a lot of doors in my life. My partner calls it the ‘blue eyes’ move. Several friends have picked my brain about how I do it.

My equation for generating useful emotions:

When we drop into presence + get into a 100% unattached energy + open-heartedly ask for what we want = the likely hood of getting it is far greater than expecting, demanding, forcing, justifying, pushing, or manipulating.

This is how the world works. Think about it, how much more likely are you to give someone something if they ask vs they demand, think about the emotional/energetic difference… it is everything.

This is the inner work.

This is emotional intelligence.

This is stress-free living.

This is coaching.

To create more of what you want in your life… I highly recommending coaching with me to learn the inner skills I use every day… (not only for effortlessly loving and choosing healthy foods, not only to learn how to internally lower stress) but to also go after the life that you want… sign up for a free consult call with me today.

With all the Love,

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