The 12 Reasons to Invest in Your Health Now

12 Reasons to Invest in Your Health

It’s the last week of the year, and I’ve got a special episode for you:

The 12 reasons why it’s time to invest in your health, achieve the vitality you desire, (and sign up for my program now).

So, it’s the holidays, one of my favorite times of the year. I love the Christmas music, especially the music.

It’s a time when many people are reflecting and thinking to make their New Year’s resolutions, figuring out what they want for the upcoming year. So, I thought it’s the perfect time to dive into the 12 reasons why investing in your health is essential, and how my program can elevate your health to the next level.

I’m going to go through the 12 reasons and share how my program aligns with each of those reasons.

Let’s start.

Reason number one: you want balance.

Whether it’s work-life balance or hormonal balance, you’re looking to create equilibrium. In my program, we focus on clarifying what kind of balance you desire, how you want to feel throughout your day, and then create strategies to actualize balance.

Reason number two: you know you need to nourish your body.

If you’re feeling nutrient-starved, depleted, or exhausted by the day’s end, my aim is to help you connect the dots between the foods you eat and how they make you feel. Inside my program we work on fostering a deeper connection to nourishing yourself, understanding how different foods affect your body, and choosing those that genuinely nourish and energize you.

Reason number three: the fear of developing cancer or other diseases.

Many clients come to me seeking ways to lower their risk of diseases like cancer. My program is built around addressing the basics—diet, stress, and lifestyle—which significantly impact our health. It’s about either accumulating issues in our bodies through poor eating habits and stress or adopting habits that support healing and disease prevention.

Reason number four: understanding your body’s unique needs.


The concept of ‘own body expert’ in my program addresses how we’re taught to ignore our body’s cues as children. I guide clients through resetting their connection with whole foods, relearning their body’s signals, and ultimately trusting and understanding their unique dietary needs after doing my food reset which re-calibrates taste buds and dopamine cravings.

Reason number five: dealing with physical or emotional anxiety and depression at their root cause.



Anxiety and depression can stem from our relationship with emotions and the foods we eat. I approach these issues by helping clients embrace their emotions and make dietary changes that positively impact their mental health.

Reason number six: establishing healthy habits for your children.


Kids mirror our behaviors, good and bad. Creating healthy habits becomes a powerful motivator when it comes to making changes in our own lives… we parents all want the best for our kids and sometimes will make changes for them before we make them for ourselves. It’s a powerful motivator.

Reason number seven: getting back into a consistent self-care routine.


Often, life gets busy, and we lose track of self-care. My program focuses on reintroducing and maintaining consistent self-care practices for a more balanced and fulfilling life that actually helps us be more productive with less burnout.

Reason number eight: wanting to handle stress better.


Stress is inevitable, but how we respond to it is in our control. My program teaches techniques to internally manage stressors instead of resorting to unhealthy coping mechanisms with negative effects.

Reason number nine: showing up clear, grounded, patient, and present for family and work.


My program helps create a deeper connection with yourself, your time, and your habits, fostering a state of clarity, patience, and presence.

Reason number ten: putting an end to short-term dieting and learning to crave nourishing foods.


Rather than relying on willpower, my program focuses on helping you naturally crave nutritious foods by going through my food reset and understanding their effects on your body.

Reason number eleven: seeking accountability.


Many clients look for ongoing support and guidance. My program offers weekly coaching sessions, self-tracking journals, and reminders to stay focused on your health goals.

Reason number twelve: desiring a guide through your health journey.


For those seeking a proven process and guidance without the need for extensive research, my program offers a clear, simple, and doable path to vitality.

Remember, life is a mix of beautiful and challenging moments, but learning to navigate both is crucial for overall wellness. I’m here to guide you through that journey. Sign up for either my one-on-one or group program and let’s embark on your health transformation together.

Now, how do you know if this is the right time for your transformative journey? Here are three signs:

  • Desperation: You’re yearning for change, aching to break free from the struggles of your current state.
  • Curiosity: A deep longing to explore new horizons, to understand what lies beyond the ordinary.
  • Urgency: The impatience to commence this journey yesterday, feeling the urge to embark upon it right away.

But hold on, my friend.


There are signs indicating it might not be your time just yet:

  • Resistance to Commitment: Unwillingness to invest 30 minutes a day in the kitchen and dedicate an hour to grocery shopping weekly.
  • Avoidance of Self-Reflection: Preferring distractions like TV over introspection through journaling and learning.
  • Disregard for Root-Cause Solutions: Seeking quick fixes like a ‘magic pill’ rather than embracing vulnerability, self-awareness, and responsibility.

Remember, your journey towards a high-vibrational life is personal, and it unfolds at your pace.

Your transformation begins when you say “yes.”

To your journey of holistic wellness and human potential!

With love and light, Coach Chandra


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