The Power of Mindful Skincare: Exploring Gaia’s Natural Soaps

The Power of Mindful Skincare: Exploring Gaia's Natural Soaps

Today, I am absolutely thrilled to share an exciting experience with you. Recently, I received a package from one of my dear friends, Gaia, who mailed these all the way from Israel. She has ventured into the world of soap-making, and her all-natural soaps have captured my attention. Join me as I unbox this special delivery and delve into the significance of mindful skincare.

I hope you’re all doing well and feeling fantastic. As I continue with my spring food reset, I must say that my spirits are soaring, and I’m experiencing an incredible sense of well-being. But that’s not all—I also received a remarkable package recently. It was delivered straight to my doorstep, and it came from my soul sister Gaia, a cherished friend from Israel.

I have to admit, when I Gaia said she wanted to send me a package, I was stoked because I simply adore Gaia’s soaps, which are handcrafted with love. Plus in the soap transfer I got to introduce her to a dear Isreali friend. And so, without further ado, let’s dive into the story behind Gaia’s Soap Company.

As a passionate hostess and coach dedicated to helping individuals make feasible changes in their food and mood habits, I’m always seeking ways to enhance overall well-being. So, when Gaia expressed her desire to discuss her soap company on a podcast, I instantly jumped at the opportunity. I’m thrilled to share that we are making this dream a reality. Stay tuned for the podcast, where Gaia will delve into the depths of her soap-making journey.

Now, let’s focus on the importance of skincare, particularly when it comes to mindful choices. Like Gaia, I believe that our bodies absorb most of what we apply to our skin. In essence, it’s as if we’re consuming those products. Whether it’s lotions, creams, oils, makeup, soaps, shampoos, or conditioners, these substances directly impact our well-being. Even seemingly harmless elements like water from showers or pools, laundry detergents, or dryer sheets can introduce toxins into our system. We often overlook the fact that these products can contribute to the overflow of toxins in our bodies, much like a bathtub reaching its limit. When our limits are reached we get symptoms.

In my personal health journey, I faced my own struggles with skin issues. At the tender age of two, I developed eczema that covered my entire body. In my teens it became evident that my skin problems were more than my skin. It was not until my twenties did I begin to understand that my skin health was directly linked to imbalances within my gut and liver. Toxins overwhelmed my system, and my body struggled to keep up. My quest for a solution led me to explore the profound connection between food, stress, and lifestyle well-being.

During this exploration, I realized the importance of being mindful about the products I used on my skin. I learned to treat my skin as if I were consuming whatever I applied to it. Bubble baths, lotions, and various skincare products became part of my careful consideration. I was determined to reduce the toxin intake, allowing my body to focus on healing and returning to a state of balance.

This brings me back to Gaia and her magnificent soap company. Gaia’s journey shares remarkable similarities with my own. Her soap-making venture stemmed from a desire to address her skin concerns and to develop a product that was not only nourishing but also free from harmful ingredients. Her commitment to using natural, non-processed components is exactly my style; healthy lifestyle style.

Now, let’s explore the soap collection Gaia sent me. The beautifully packaged soaps arrived, and the aroma was simply delightful. Although the labels are predominantly in Hebrew, I can decipher a few ingredients, such as coconut oil “shemen cocos”. To gain a deeper understanding of the soap’s composition, I will interview Gaia for the podcast. While I know essential oils are present, it is essential to note that not all essential oils are edible. Hence, I would advise against consuming these soaps. Nevertheless, I am looking forward to using them, knowing they are gentle on my skin and devoid of toxins that could contribute to the overflow in my body’s metaphorical bathtub.

Gaia’s soap company represents more than just a skincare business; it symbolizes self-care, health, and cleanliness. I am particularly passionate about the impact of skincare on our microbiome—the ecosystem of beneficial bacteria that resides on and within our bodies. I firmly believe in feeding the friendly bacteria while starving the unfriendly ones. Consequently, I advocate for gentle soaps that cleanse and balance the skin without eradicating the protective layer of friendly bacteria.

Throughout my personal skincare journey, I discovered that my skin’s well-being was intertwined with diet, stress management, and overall lifestyle choices. The harmony of these factors influenced my hormonal balance and played a pivotal role in minimizing hormonal acne and other skin-related issues. Gaia, too, possesses an intriguing story of how her skin transformed after finding her passion and embracing emotional healing. During our podcast discussion, we will go deeper into her experiences and uncover the multitude of angles that contribute to holistic well-being and soap making.

In conclusion, my friends, skincare goes far beyond the surface. It is a fundamental aspect of our daily lives, encompassing our health, self-care, and overall vitality. Gaia’s soap company serves as a testament to the importance of making mindful choices in what we apply to our skin. By reducing our toxin exposure, we allow our bodies to focus on their innate healing abilities and restore balance.

Before I sign off, I’d like to extend an invitation to join the conversation. Share your thoughts and comments on Instagram, and let us know your experiences with mindful skincare and the impact it has had on your overall well-being. Together, we can explore the possibilities of living a vibrant and nourished life.

Wishing you a beautiful day filled with wellness and self-care!

Ps: (The cliff notes)

I have been waiting to open this bag full of Gaia’s soaps until I recorded this video. She and I will do a podcast and video post where we will dive into her and her new soap business. For now I want to touch on how I think about our skin and skin products.

The way I think about what we put on our skin, is that we are eating it. So every product I ask, “Would I eat the ingredients?”

From soaps, to detergents, to dryer sheets, to shampoo and conditioner, to lotion, to oils, to make up… ALL OF IT.

My childhood was rough with being covered in eczema. Like Gaia, my skin was a big motivator to change my diet, stress, and lifestyle habits so that my skin would stop screaming at me.

Reducing toxin input, like by using soaps with edible ingredients is one important way to keep our bathtub low and our body functioning well. It is both a ‘reclaim health’ and maintain health practice.

Thank you Gaia for sending me another batch of soaps from your heart. I am looking forward to using them in my shower. They smell, look, and feel great. (She gave me two bars last year before we lift Israel).

You can find Gaia on IG @Gaia.layla
Email her at Gaiaschorrkon@gmail.com



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