The Tools I Use to Take Care of My Body: Hyperice, Roller, Lacrosse Balls

The tools I use to take care of my body

Hello, my food and mood friends! I’m stoked today to share a topic that I’ve been wanting to discuss for a long time: the tools I use to take care of my body.

Now, before I dive into the tools, I want to share a little side story that many of you may not know. It’s an important part of my life that has shaped how I live, and it has to do with meeting my partner and transitioning from living in a large, self-care-centered lifestyle in Sonoma county to living out of suitcases.. for years. When living in Sonoma county, I had access to various forms of support, such as ayurvedic massage, chiropractic care, and psychological therapy. However, in late 2014, I met my man, packed up my life and moved across the world to Isreal and then after two years we packed up our life and lived between a cruise ship and rock climbing adventures for six years.

At the time, I wondered how my body would respond without all the support systems I had grown accustomed to.

It was definitely an adventure, and I eventually narrowed down the essential tools that I could travel with. But before I reveal these tools, I want to talk a bit more about my body, as they are tools I personally use and highly recommend.

During my teenage years, I was involved in several car accidents, which left me with some neck issues. Additionally, I developed a meniscus tear from long periods of meditation. Although it doesn’t bother me much anymore, I do experience occasional back pain and discomfort in the opposite hip. To manage these issues, I rely on the tools I’m about to share.

Recently, I’ve been discussing exercise a lot in my stories and how I’m getting back into it. It ties into this video because my bodyworker here in Reno, whom I highly respect, emphasized the importance of strength training as a way to manage pain. This message resonated with me and reinforced the need to re-invest in my body through exercise. After taking a break this winter, I experienced some pain flare-ups, particularly in my back. This is where the tools I’m about to mention come in handy.

Before I delve into the details, I want to emphasize that these tools complement regular movement and exercise. Our bodies thrive when we “use” or “move” them. Unfortunately, our modern sedentary lifestyle, whether it’s sitting for long hours at work or driving a truck, is detrimental to our backs. As I speak to you now, I’m actually sitting on the ground, a practice I find helpful in maintaining proper posture and opening up my hips.

While we were traveling, I didn’t have the luxury of a ergonomic desk and chair. I made do with what I had and exercised whenever possible. It’s essential to combat back, neck, and shoulder pain by engaging in regular movement. Strengthening our bodies is crucial for minimizing discomfort. As the saying goes, “If we don’t use it, we lose it.” So, in addition to exercise I recommmend and pracitce prioritizing movement and exercise.

Now, let’s move on to the tools themselves. One essential tool I always travel with is a yoga mat. I personally love the brand Manduka, particularly their thin mats. Downward dog and backbends, surprisingly, are excellent for alleviating back pain. Recently, my daughter fell and hurt her back, and incorporating backbends into our routine has been beneficial for both of us. It may seem counterintuitive, but backbends are incredibly effective. A yoga mat is useful but not neccsasary for performing these exercises.

Another tool I find invaluable is the Trigger Point foam roller. I opted for this brand because it’s hollow, allowing me to store additional items inside to maximize suitcase space. For four years,  my family and I lived out of just five suitcases until she turned two; one of the big suitcases was exclusively climbing gear. During this time, I relied on these tools to take care of my body.

Now, let’s talk about one of my favorite tools: the Hypervolt and now the Hyperice. It is an incredible device. But before I share more about it, let’s discuss a few other tools. The yoga strap is excellent for stretching and pulling the shoulders and legs. Lacrosse balls are also fantastic for self-massage and applying pressure to sore spots. I find them especially helpful for my shoulders, back, and glutes. Just make sure to avoid direct contact with the spine and use caution.

Coming back to the Hypervolt, this heavy-duty device has been a game-changer for me. It has received knots and pains like no other.

In conclusion, these tools have played a significant role in my self-care routine and pain management.

Remember, it’s essential to differentiate between pain that signals an injury and pain caused by muscle tightness or imbalance. The tools I’ve shared are particularly useful for the latter. So, take care of your body, prioritize movement, and utilize these tools to alleviate discomfort and enhance your well-being.

Thank you, my friend, for joining me.


Ps… Here is a link to an amazon list with these tools for your reference.

(I’m not affiliated with any of the brands mentioned, nor do I get a kick-back if you purchase from my Amazon list.)



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