When I Talk To The Universe…

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When I talk to the universe: it means that I am in a place of being unattached to the outcome plus feeling true want. This is an excellent aim of inner work that leads to great things, like gut health. My Sufi teacher taught us this one evening when I was working at the Zen Center.

We asked for love advice. She said to get to the place where you can marry him/her tomorrow or never see him/her again and be full acceptance of both outcomes.

This is how I have learned how to talk to the universe. When I get to a place where I am deeply connected to what I truly want AND I feel unattached to getting it- then that is where the magic happens.

It takes a lot of inner work to get there. It takes being connected to yourself. It takes listening and talking to yourself. It takes moving through your emotions and facing failures. It takes cultivating an inner confidence.

In the gut hero’s journey there is inevitably a re-connection to one’s self. To regularity choose and eat gut friendly foods means that a person has to get into alignment with themself. They have to put down the inner battle. They have to stop turning towards false pleasures.

One of my favorite questions I get to ask my gut hero’s is “what are you willing to do to reach your goal?”

It is an incredible feeling when the sky is the limit. When we are all in… no matter what.

This is when I know that I have a direct line with the universe. When I am able to go all in, no matter what, no matter how many fails or discomforts.

And that is when I have experienced the universe listening to me; like finding my health, finding my man, and finding my calling.

We can wait around to feel ready…. which is what our human brains do by default.

The other option is to do the inner work to create a ready.

I am personally not so into waiting… I am down with the inner work. I am into the growth. This is why my love has changed in massive ways repeatedly, consistently, and profoundly.

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