The WORST Things About A Shitty Gut

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I have been talking to lots of people about the state of their gut. There are a lot of shitty gut realities happening. Most people don’t like to talk about tummy troubles, gut health, and poop like I do- so I get to hear way more than the average bear. I believe that starting the conversation is the most important, and then helping people who are suffering to know that they are not alone- hence this week’s topic… the worst things about a shitty gut.

Often people need to hit some low point to make gut changes. Sometimes a solid dose of awareness will motivate a person to invest in change. That is my goal today- to slather on a dose of shitty gut awareness and potentially motivate you to invest.

Let’s start with poop. When we eat man-made calories, which is the norm, then poop is acidic, sticky, and stinky. Digesting man-made calories is tough on the gut and often comes out gross and sometimes painful on the other end.

Next, is the microbiome. My motto is ‘feed and protect the friendly and starve the unfriendly”. Man-made processed foods diet is all about feeding the unfriendly, which tips the delicate inner ecosystem balance and gives the unfriendly the upper hand. Stinky farts are a sure sign of feeding the unfriendly – most often sugar is the main issue.

The tragedy that I see is when we have poor gut health we disconnect from our self causing us to enter a downward spiral that snowballs further worsening gut health.

So, yes, there are all the shitty symptoms of poor gut health like bloating, brain fog, weight gain, imbalanced hormones, stinky farts, icky poop, butt troubles… and the uncomfortable but lasting way out IS staying connected to yourself.

Staying connected to yourself is not something we were taught in school, in fact, most of us were taught the opposite. But it is the way to building a lasting relationship with yourself and with food as the fuel, it is meant to be for our gut.

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