My Birthday and “That Sugar Film”

My Birthday and “That Sugar Film”

I have a birthday wish… it’s an unusual one. One where I wish you to watch “That Sugar Film” and play with not eating any sugar for 30 days. I have found life to be so much better without sugar contrary to what the majority of us believe.

The common belief is that sugar makes life better. And it is true for a few minutes… that feel-good dopamine hit is REAL. And this is exactly why it is so easy to be addicted to sugar.
I have a client from last year who was stuck in the mindset, “how much can I get away with”. He cared about his health AND he was totally hooked on sugar. He was regularly using it to escape his emotions.

This is NORMAL.

When I was desperate to figure out my health, both physically (with my skin and digestion) and then also with my mood (yes, I am talking anxiety and depression)… I was willing to try anything and everything.

And guess what…

NOT eating sugar greatly helped all of my issues.

This is so much of the point that “That Sugar Film” depicts. Sugar negatively affects every area of our well-being: physically, mentally, and emotionally.

My calling in life is to help people feel better; so for my birthday… will you watch this film and try sugar-free for 30 days so that you can “feel the difference.”
I won’t play down what a big deal it is to not eat sugar like is so normal… it is not easy nor comfortable… BUT IT IS SO DANG WORTH IT!

Take it from me, I used to be totally hooked on sugar like could not hold a conversation if there was a cake in the room because all my Brian focused on was eating all the frosting.
Instead of birthday cake… I am heading to the hot springs to celebrate my life!

with all the love!

Ps… “That Sugar Film”… watch it!

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