Our Actions Matter

Our actions matter

Actions create Results

Your life is composed and compiled by billions or trillions or some crazy huge amount of actions, in-actions and behaviors. Some of these serve you, and some harm you. Some of these move you towards your goals and dreams and some lead you down an undesired path.

What is an action?

An action is anything you do; like eat food, or not eat food. Like brush your teethe, or drink Coca-cola. Like over-deliver at your work or just do the minimum.

Behaviors are similar to actions just a little more ingrained and repetitive. Often we call them our personalities. Smoking, drinking, exercising, studying, reading and cooking; all of these are behaviors. They are actions we take on regularly and often identify with, “I am a smoker”.

Why your actions, in-actions and behaviors matter

Your actions create every result in your life.

Do you have a goal? You will need to carry out a series of actions to get there.

Do you want to stop smoking or save money? You will need to address your behaviors, change your actions.

Have you ever tried to change an action or behavoiou of yours? Did you use force and willpower? Most of us do. This is exhausting and does not last long term.

There is an easier way.

…It lies in understanding what drives your actions and making changes there. Changes that last, changes that transform you and help you become a version of you that you want to become.

Why you do what you do.

You do what you do because of how you feel.

Emotions drive every action. And, thoughts cause emotions.

Do you like what you do?

Are your actions and behaviors ones that you like, ones that serve you?

Do you have actions or behaviors in your life that you want to change and do not know how?

Once you know how to choose your actions and behaviors (by choosing your thoughts) then you are on your way to what you want.

Most people neglect setting goals and avoid dreaming big because they do not know how to get there… what if you did?

What dream would you dream?

What impossible goal would you set?

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