My Life Mission: To Age Gracefully

Age Gracefully

I am healthier now, than when I was young… like when I was under twenty. My health today is built on my life’s mission: to age gracefully.

How many people can say they are healthier now than when they were younger?

I’m nearing forty.

My recent blood tests were remarkable, like teenager health stats.

My health journey, like most, started when I was sick and searching for answers. I just happen to be at this health crisis point younger than most.

What I used to feel was a curse, I now see as a gift that helped me set up my life geared towards prioritizing my health.

Looking Back

I remember, when I was in my teens, looking at adults and even grandparents; I was looking for patterns.

I saw people who had been walking the planet for six or seven decades who looked energized and able-bodied.

More commonly I saw people who became disabled with age.

In my Ayurvedic studies, one comment particularly has stuck with me; “We have come to accept many imbalances and diseases, of the body, as part of aging; when actually they do not have to come with age.”

To Age Gracefully

One of my main missions in my life is to age gracefully. To take care of my health and my imbalances in such a way that heavily considers my future health.

Two of the main things that I noticed in my teens was that people who ate vegetables and people who practiced yoga seemed to be tunned into something relevant to graceful aging.

I took up both.

Since then I have tried out and incorporated more.

  • Like, high-intensity training; ones that really get my muscles, blood, lymph, and heart pumping.

  • I also am an avid healthy-fat consumer and encourager.

  • I quit sugar and flour (a serious and powerful undertaking).

More recently, intermittent fasting (IF) has piqued my interest. Especially in the realm of digestive health and healing.

My man and I cut down to two meals a day more than five years ago. Partly for time purposes, but also because we noticed that we felt better physically.

He started IF about 8 months ago and loves it.

I was still breastfeeding and did not want to make the shift until I finished.

Which I did recently…. My IF Shift post.

In my mission to age gracefully, I have found a path of inner listening, curious exploration, and an increase in my quality of life.

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