Amazon Bone Broth Soup

True story: we lived on a cruise ship. And we did everything we could to eat as gut friendly as possible. This Amazon bone broth recipe was born from that moment in our life.

We created and refined a gut-friendly, bone broth based, recipe that we could make with a kettle to boil water.

If you can make bone broth at home, do it.

If you cannot, or you need something easier than easy, then this is the recipe for you.

The best part about this soup (aside from its ease, speed and portability)… is it’s nourishment.

Every ingredient in this jar of goodness adds vitamins, minerals and nutrients to your body (the real point of eating, right?)

* I encourage you to play with the ratios of the ingredients.

  • I prefer less water, so the soup is more concentrated.

  • I skip the tahini and flax when I am not physically active because they are high in calories.

  • I add extra tahini if I need the calories, like when I rock climb.

One of my clients brought this with her to Burning Man 2023 and said it saved her. She drank it everyday.


  • Bone Broth – 1 serving

  • Collagen – 1 serving

  • Fermented Miso – 1 serving

  • Wakame Seaweed – 1 tsp

  • Sea Salt – 1 pinch

  • Kale Chips – 1 tbsp

  • MCT Coconut Oil or Ghee- 1 tbsp

  • Ground Flax – 1 tbsp

  • Tahini – 1 tbsp

  • Kale Flakes – 1 tbsp

  • 1 Pint/Liter of Hot Water

    Link to Amazon list for these ingredients.


Simply put all the ingredients in a bowl (which takes about 4 minutes while breathing deeply and boiling water).

Use thermos or a jar if you are preparing for a meal on-the-go.

When you are ready to eat, then add hot water.

Let it brew for a few minutes, stir, and enjoy.

This bone broth based soup can be made in the time it takes water to boil, and faster than a 6 minute soft boiled egg. Packed with vitamins, nutrients, and minerals. Gluten free, sugar free, dairy free. Thirty grams of protein and healthy fat for your brain. A nourishing breakfast and a mid-day meal for an active and productive human body and brain.

Drink this soup when you need it; whether you are on the go, up a mountain while rock climbing, or at your office.

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