Are Nuts Gut Healthy?

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When talking about which foods are beneficial or harmful to the gut, I often get asked what my thoughts are on nuts and gut health. Today, I share my gut health perspective on how to buy nuts, which nuts to avoid, and how to store nuts for best practice in regards to gut health.

I love nuts; I eat them often. But at the same time I am very aware and cautious about which nuts I consume because nuts can carry a fungus on them that harms our gut microbiome.

I am also an American when it comes to peanut butter… we have a reputation for liking peanut butter. I do eat peanut butter, but I do it wisely.

Scroll down and watch my video where I dive into the ins and outs of peanuts and how it is actually not a nut. If you are going to eat peanut products how to shop and store to make sure you are mitigating the downsides.

In this weeks video, I cover which nuts I like and which nuts cause herpes flare ups.

I also talk about seeds and the different requirements of storing between seeds and nuts.

Cashew Mate Recipe

  • Make a French press worth of mate (Organic is best)

  • Add a tablespoon of raw cashew butter (Orgnaic is best)

  • And sweeten to likening with honey

The trick is to get the proportions of strength of mate to creaminess of cashew butter. Be patient and try the recipe a few times. I personally like my mate strong and can drink caffeine without negative effects. I have made many cashew mate lattes for many friends and I find that the ratio is personal. So know that once you find the sweet spot this is an incredible alternative to using packaged milks with lots of added man-made ingredients.

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