Are We Ever Really Ready for a Change?

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It is easy to talk about wanting to change, even promising change, but to make a change is actually quite hard. I hear people talk about not being ready for a change and waiting until they feel ready. I want to dive into this question with you today, Are We Ever Really Ready for a Change?

The simple answer is no because our brains instinctively avoid change.

Change is uncomfortable, and our brains are wired for comfort.

Change means effort, our brains are wired for ease and efficiency.

Change goes against what the survival part of us is wired to do.

That said, there is also an innate desire within all of us to do better, become more, reach our potential, succeed, accomplish, and even to inspire.

Can you see the inner conflict?

Here is the secret: ready is a feeling that comes from an intentional mindset.

If you let your brain decide if you are ready, then you will likely be waiting around for a long while.

You can decide that now is the time, there is no better time, and you can know that the ability to feel ready is something that you can create.

Are we ever really ready for a change?

We can be.

Or we can also own an optional inner truth that we do not want to be.


You do not have to change.

You never need to be ready.

But it is an option, if you want.

It is within your power to feel ready.

All it takes is an awareness, a thought, and a decision.

Playing with my inner world, my thoughts and feelings by looking for doorways and inner truths is a luxury that I am everyday grateful for. It is an incredible time to be a human who can explore and grow my own consciousness.

Have you ever played with your thoughts and intentionally decided that you are ready?

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