Your Attention, Please

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I write the title to every post, intending to grab your attention. Apparently it worked since you are reading these words. The words I write are thought offerings for you. I write all of my posts thinking about your brain and your mind; I write with the intention of instigating awareness and with hope to inspire you to question the related topic in your life. Today, I ask for your attention, please, to bring awareness to your attention and who or what has it.

Our attention is far more valuable than most of us understand.

Attention is the focus and awareness of our mind.

Why it Matters?

Every single emotion that we have starts with a thought.

Every single marketed sentence is intended to get in our heads.

Emotions are what drive us to do or not do EVERYTHING in our lives.

I want to be the one driving. How about you?

To live on purpose requires the ability to manage one’s mind, to harness one’s attention, and to choose what thoughts one thinks.


Have you ever questioned what your attention is worth? Marketers have.

Do you know that marketing is a neverending booming business? What are marketers seeking to buy: our attention. If they can get in our head, tell us what to think, then they can convince us of whatever they want: to buy, to lease, to rent, to consume, to vote, to choose, to go, to eat, to wear, to do anything or nothing.

The more psychological research comes out, the more power marketers possess.

Emotion Myths

Myth: External things can solve our internal problems.

Marketing has convinced us that buying more objects will lead to good feelings.

The food industry has capitalized on the dopamine our brain gets when we eat food, training us that eating food can solve problems and make us feel good.

If you believe that feeling good comes from something external then you will be eternally consuming and never satisfied.


Emotional Truths

Have you ever questioned why some people see the glass half empty and some see the half glass full?

It is because of ways their brain is wired..

Emotions are generated from within our mind.


How to Guard Your Mind’s Attention

  • Develop the skill of watching your thoughts.

  • Question your beliefs and question if they serve you.

  • Learn how to think intentional thoughts.

  • Choose what you mentally consume, tv, media, news, or audio.

  • Screen what you allow into your mind.

The secret is in awareness, mindfulness, mental management, thought work, and ultimately thinking thoughts on purpose.

But insanely rewarding.

My Attention Practices:

I have developed an input-output approach for my mind’s attention.

Input is all information I consume: tv, podcasts, articles, classes, all learning, and books. Output is what I create and produce.

#1 I am carefully choose the information and stories that I expose to my brain.

#2 50% output (creation) for 50% input (screen time consumption.)

#3 One day a week off from screens.

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