How to Habit-Shift in the Brain

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My recent habit shift to intermittent fasting (IF) was relatively minor; although I still needed to make the decision and actually do it.

Because here is the thing…

Change is awkward.

Our brains do not like it.

Our brains like familiar safe, comfortable, easy, and pleasurable.

Change is the opposite of what our brains like. They do not like to habit shift unless it includes more short term pleasure and less immediate pain. (Our brain likes to be on the couch watching Netflix).

Reminding my Self of this always helps me to make a habit shift.

Feeling: awkward, challenged, and resistant is normal and part of the change process.

I know this; and, still it is hard.

I also know how to manage my mind and make change anyway, even when part of my brain says no.

The base of any true and lasting habit shift happens in our brains and specifically in our thoughts.

So, I decided to do some research about IF to offer my brain some inspiring thoughts and reasons to help me make the shift that I had planned and wanted.

I specifically researched IF in regards to digestion.

I was blown away by the stories, claims and loads of information.

In addition, to stories about digestion repair and healing through IF, I also read about scars healing.

I had a cesarean birth and therefor have a scar that I feel still needs a lot of healing. Many woman have reported that IF had a large impact on healing their cesarean scar, in some cases years after birth.

This is the point that got my brain on board.

I knew that IF was great for health purposes in general, but honestly I am pretty darn healthy. I needed this extra point (in the form of a thought) to get me feeling motivated and committed.

Additionally, (for all of my digestion friends…) IF also helps reduce inflammation which is a major contributor to all digestive disorders.

Looking to get your brain on board with a habit shift of yours? This is what I do, I coach people how to make changes in their brain… which ripple into habits.

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