Britta “Learning Body-Knowing” with Coach Chandra

My journey with Coach Chandra has been transformative in ways I never expected. When I first reached out to her, I was dealing with food issues that had resurfaced after my divorce. Despite working with a personal trainer, I couldn’t get my eating habits into my life in a way that gave my trainer building blocks to work with, and the stress of making food changes to balance my gut issues and gain weight was overwhelming.

A Big Shift with Coaching

Chandra’s approach was a refreshing. She didn’t impose strict dietary rules but encouraged me to tune into my body’s needs and nourish myself without restrictions. This concept of “body knowing” was new to me, and it changed everything. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by the idea of changing my diet, I learned to listen to my body’s signals and respond with nourishing food choices.

Learning to Cook and Enjoy Food

One of the most impactful aspects of our work together was learning to cook and enjoy food in a way that felt good to me. Watching Chandra prepare meals, especially during our time together at Burning Man, was incredibly inspiring. I began to cook for myself using her methods, and it made a world of difference. I now prepare meals that not only nourish me but also bring me joy and don’t make me feel tired post meal.

Uncovering Emotional Roots

Chandra also helped me uncover the emotional roots of my food issues. Through her gentle guidance, I was able to explore and heal deep-seated traumas that had affected my relationship with food. This emotional work was crucial in transforming my eating habits and overall health.

Building Kitchen Confidence

Today, I feel confident and empowered in the kitchen. I have a repertoire of delicious, nourishing recipes that I enjoy making and eating. My relationship with food has shifted from one of shame and restriction to one of joy and creativity. This transformation has had a positive impact on all areas of my life, from my relationships to my work.

The Power of Body Knowing

Chandra’s concept of “body knowing” has been especially powerful. By tuning into how food makes me feel, I’ve developed a deeper connection with my body. This has allowed me to make food choices that truly nourish me, rather than just following restrictive diets. It’s been a game-changer for my overall well-being and energy levels.

A Lasting Impact

Chandra’s coaching has had a big impact on every aspect of my life. I feel more present, grounded, and capable in my relationships and my work. The skills and insights I gained from working with her are invaluable and will stay with me for the rest of my life.


If you’re struggling with food issues, I highly recommend Chandra. Her compassionate, insightful approach can help you make lasting changes and truly nourish yourself. Thank you, Chandra, for guiding me on this incredible journey and helping me discover the power of body knowing.

With gratitude,


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