Britta Testimonial

“ Chandra Is A One-Of-A-Kind Coach. You don’t find coaches like her everywhere.

Coaching can be amazing, but for me, so much of it comes down to the coach being able to see my stuff and help me get to those life changing “a ha” moments without just handing it to me. I always make a deeper connection when I come to the realizations through questions and inquiry. Not every coach can do that. You have to find someone who has done the personal work on themselves and is now able to hold space for others. That’s the caliber of a coach that Chandra is.

From the moment you start working with her, you start to see your life and your interactions differently. She asks insightful questions that take you deeper into what’s really going on, and she helps you make the connections for yourself. She sees the entire picture, not just what you’re dealing with at the moment, and coaches you for a whole body/mind/soul perspective.

I have had key moments in my life where Chandra has coached me and it ended up changing everything for me going forward. She is my go to coach when I want the best.”

Britta Testimonial


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