Chinese Medicine and Immune Health with Doctor Yotam Tamari

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Much of my approach to health comes from Eastern Medicine like Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic Medicine. I love their approach of supporting and balancing our physical, mental and emotional bodies to be healthy. Talking with Doctor Yotam Tamari on Immune Health and how to best support and treat our bodies, I re-learned the importance of using cold water to support our immune system.

We got into a fun chat about Winter and the importance of exposing our body to the seasons and the way we weaken our systems when we stay all day inside at a comfortable temperature.

Doctor Tamari shared about one of his personal daily health habits of chewing a thin slice of ginger to heat the body from the inside during the winter.

Another beautiful daily practice of his is intentionally being playful. He says it is his way of lowering and addressing stress. When we are in a state of play it is impossible to also be in a state of stress.

Since I have had my little one, I have taken advantage and embraced playfulness. At least once a day I give my little one the reins and play whatever she wants. Sometimes for five minutes. Sometimes for an hour. She gets to be the leader and I surrender to practicing playfulness, being super present, and seeing the world through a three year old’s eyes.

A state of health is so far beyond have-tos and shoulds. Health is a lifestyle, a way of living, a way of being in relationship to our own body, our own mind as well as being in relationship to life itself.

Come listen into a sweet talk on health with a very sweet soul and dear friend of mine, Doctor Yotam Tamari.


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