Cleansing Through Sweating

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I am continuing this month’s seasonal topics of springtime cleansing and physical movement by touching on Cleansing Through Sweating.

A really great way of cleansing through sweating is by working out. By putting our body through strenuous activities, running or hiking uphill, rock climbing, high-intensity training like Shawn T’s Insanity, exercise classes, or hot yoga. (I used to be a Bikram Yoga teacher.)

There are many avenues where we can get our sweat going.

Our skin is our largest detox organ.

Sweating is the way that our skin detoxes; it is one of the powerful ways that we can support and help our body in its natural cleansing processes.

If we are naturally detoxing regularly then we may not need to do a big detox. Detoxing and cleansing are important aspects of gut health.

I believe it is important to sweat by working out at least four days a week because working out, to a point of sweat, requires that our muscles really pump which moves our lymph system – which is all beneficial to gut health.

Besides working out, there are other ways to ignite cleansing through sweating such as saunas: hot dry saunas or hot wet saunas.

Sweating is a way that our body cools us down. Obviously, you want to drink plenty of water to both stay hydrated and give your body a medium to get toxins out.

A bathtub is another option to get your sweat on. You could go to hot springs and submerge your body in hot water there or in the comfort of your home where you put your body in hot water and cause it to sweat.

Often people sweat in baths but they are not aware of it.

Cleansing Through Sweating Is Important

To be honest it is not my favorite thing. I have avoided it many times.

As a young adult, sweating was something that really stopped me from exercising.

I remember hearing as a child that ‘girls don’t sweat.’

But it is a mistake; we are doing our body a disservice if we avoid sweating.

Changing your perspective on sweating by understanding the importance of sweating is my mission today.

If you think sweating is an inconvenience or is gross, then I encourage you to look at these ideas and question them; because this perspective will hold you back from a habit that affects your health.

It is a good month to sweat with the inviting weather of Springtime as well as being the season to cleanse.

Throw in some extra sweats into your routine, just do it.

A great bonus of sweating is that it makes our skin look fresh and glow.

Stinky Sweat?

If you are extra stinky when you sweat, do not see it as a bad thing; it means that you are getting toxins out of your body that you want and need to come out.

Do wash off your sweat, especially if you are stinky because otherwise, your body could reabsorb the toxins.

Our skin is our largest detox organ but also is an organ that absorbs.

My favorite way to cleanse through sweating is hot cold plunges at hot springs. I also do high-intensity training to get my sweat on, which I have come to love.

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