Coffee Enemas And Liver Support

If you are a friend or client of mine then we have likely talked about coffee enemas.

Coffee enemas are one of my favorite cleansing tools, a great detox tool, a great liver support, and even one of my favorite ways to spend a day.

I have not done one in a while, maybe since I did my last coffee enema post about six months ago.

I am bringing up coffee enemas again because I have been talking about cleansing for the last couple of months.

The king of all is The Coffee Enema.

Coffee Enema Medicine for Migraines

If you know anyone suffering from migraines and who wants an alternative to migraine pills; tell them about coffee enemas. I have served and witnessed people with debilitating migraines use coffee enemas to melt their migraines when I was working at a detox center.

Today’s focus is on using coffee enemas for detox support.

As we have gone through the springtime and have been supporting our body in its natural and light cleansing process by drinking raw organic veggie juices, sweating in saunas or hot water, movement and exercise there could be detox symptoms showing up.

Detox Symptoms:

  • Headache

  • Body aches

  • Foggy brain

  • Bloating

  • Indigestion

  • Fatigue

If our body is letting go of toxins and they are not making out of our body before being reabsorbed then we feel the detox.

I have mostly used coffee enemas for heavy detox times in my life. I also used them in my days of living like a rockstar to shake off a big party night.

But if you are making bigger shifts in your health then you may want to put coffee enemas in your toolbox.

What Is A Coffee Enema? What Do They Do? How Do They Support Your Liver?

You need an enema bag which you can buy on amazon or at a local pharmacy. Enemas have been around for a while.

Prep to do a coffee enema you want to make sure that your bowels are empty; which means either doing a water enema first or waiting for a really good poop.

The alternative is doing a double coffee enema.

One to clear you out and a second to actually reach your liver.

How To Make

  • Make a liter of coffee

  • Use 2 -3 tablespoons of organic light roast grounds. *make sure it is organic because you do not want to put pesticides into your colon. *

  • 2 cups of clean water (no chlorine or fluoride).

  • Simmer water plus grounds on a stove for 10 -15 minutes. (Preferably in a glass pot or stainless steel.)

  • Strain grounds out.

  • Add 1-2 cups of clean water to make temp nice.

Make sure it is baby room temp, which means test it on your wrist.

Use the same amount of grounds but you can change the quantity of water depending on what you like. I often like to do a half liter (2 cups).

Head To The Bathroom

  • Put something comfy and washable on the ground like a towel.

  • Take your mason jar of coffee.

  • Bring your enema bag or bucket.

  • Take 1/4 teaspoon of coconut oil to use as lube on the tip.

  • Put your enema bag full of coffee hanging on a hanger from a towel rack or door knob.

  • Make sure there are no air bubbles in the line.

  • Lay down on your back.

  • Insert the tube and open the coffee enema.

  • Let all the coffee come in.

  • Close the tube, and remove the tube.

  • Turn over onto your right side and lay for 20 minutes.

  • This goes around your descending and ascending colon.

  • This encourages the coffee to go into your liver and encourages your liver to dump toxins.

  • After 20 min then you can sit on the toilet and release all the coffee and everything else.

Prepare For A Day Of Feeling Good:

This is a great experience. You get a bit of a caffeine high, but it is different in that the high is long-lasting and less of a sharp up.

People who are sensitive to coffee can often still do one because the caffeine is processed differently and does not hit the adrenals the same way.

Coffee enemas support your body in its detox process.

It is a pleasant experience once you get past the awkward enema part.

Feeling Worse Post Coffee Enema?

Sometimes people can feel not good afterward. Sometimes people can get headaches or feel yucky afterward; it is rare but it does happen.

I recommend drinking extra water, they are a bit dehydrating.

Sometimes they can kick up toxins; so what I actually recommend is to do a second coffee enema to help those toxins get out.

Hydrating Tips

  • Drink water the day before

  • Drink water the day of, with lemon and salt.

  • Drink young coconut water

Microbiome Care

Do take probiotics the day off because with an enema there is some removal of bacteria so you want to make sure to support the good bacteria in re-establishing in your gut microbiome.

I love coffee enemas.

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