Deconstructing Normal: Black Lives Matter.

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When we humans are in default mode and continue doing and being ‘normal’ we can become blinded by how wrong are our belief systems, like in the case of racism. Because racism was normalized in our history and in our grandparents\’s minds, it means that we have to put considerate effort into deconstructing normal to truly and deeply believe that all lives matter, and right now that Black Lives Matter.

What we think matters.

Our thoughts determine everything in our life, how we feel and how we show up in the world. Having racist thoughts, even if seemingly neutral or unconscious, affects who we are.

My work as a coach is helping people see their unconscious thoughts.

It is normal to have unconscious thoughts. But that does not mean that our unconscious thoughts are okay to ignore.

In fact, ignoring is part of the problem.

Silence is part of the problem.

Turning a blind eye, turning our cheek, is also saying something.

We always have a choice of becoming someone new, a different version of our self, and we can do this by changing the way we think, changing our operating system by re-programing our brain.

Our brains are programmed… by default.

What our parents taught us, what we see on tv, what we consume on our phones… all of these have influence over the way our brians are programmed.

We can choose to question our internal beliefs, our internal thoughts, our default programing, our normal.

Deconstructing Normal:

Normal is one of the best defenses for a mental construct, a belief system, that has become widely accepted, ingrained and a standard.

I like questioning normal, it has helped me make huge shifts in my own life.

I urge you to take a look at your mind, your thoughts, your belief systems, your normal and see where you are apart of the problem in regards to racism.

You have the amazing ability to choose (and change) the way you think and show up as a conscious human.

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