Determining Food Factor

Determining Food Factor

I am always baffled when people tell me that they do not have time to eat healthy food. I use time, as a determining food factor, for the opposite: to eat only what fuels me.

Although grabbing what ever food is easy can seem like a quick fix, the cost is ultimately a person’s energy levels.

Determining Food Factor

Keeping awareness on my energy levels and sleep needs inspire me to constantly up-level my food choices. (My next

I want more time in the day.

So I eat foods that fuel me.

And I avoid foods that slow me down.

If I eat flour then I plan to have a chill next few hours.

Knowing what foods make you feel which way and planning accordingly is empowering.

Breaking the cycle of urges, indulgences and regrets is liberating.

There is a way.

It is not willpower.

It is learning how to re-wire your brain and your cravings.

I love healthy food. I love food that fuels me.

Love and desire are feelings that are created by thoughts.

I truly love healthy food because I have decided and practiced loving it.

I believe that it serves me and sets my future self up for feeling good too; my tomorrow self and my self that I want to support in aging gracefully.

If I know a certain food does not serve my body then my decision to not eat it is effortless.

The way I see it is that what you eat everyday, day in and day out, is one of the largest inputs you have a choice over every single day every bite, every meal.

All the little choices add up.

How much time and energy are you wasting when you are feeling bloated, heavy, foggy brained, depleted, cravings or just ‘off’?

What do you think about using your time as a determining food factor to uplevel your food-game and use food as fuel only?

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