Distended Gut Into Happy Belly

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Bloated, constipated and physically uncomfortable is a way that some people choose to live (often by default). Distended gut has become normalized…

I am not one of them.

I was willing to do everything to have a happy belly.

I hated the feeling of heaviness and pain in my belly.

I hated how much food consumed my life and how much food I consumed.

I used to overeat, to the point of sickness and pain.

I felt totally out of control.

I remember many nights laying in bed with utter pain in my belly, my distended gut, and promising myself that I would stop this horrible habit, that I would stop overeating foods that hurt me.

I also used to not eat.

Controlling my food was sometimes easier than eating out of control.

I used to have a very confusing and tumultuous relationship with food; many different versions, in fact.

One of my life’s goals was to have an excellent relationship with food and a happy belly; I have achieved this. And it is extraordinary.

  • I am free from all struggles with food.

  • I eat food that fuels me.

  • I am present when I eat food.

  • I process my emotions rather than eat my emotions.

  • I enjoy food, but I spend much of my desire on other things besides food.

  • I am free from food addictions.

  • I feel great after I eat meals.

  • I feel totally comfortable in social-food situations choosing food that serves me.

I have achieved the relationship with food that I dreamed of twenty years ago. This is one of my most glorious achievements; I reap the rewards everyday.


How did I heal my distended gut? And ultimately my relationship with food…

  • Part of it was learning which foods were good for my belly.

  • Part of it was breaking the super intense addictions to sugar and flour.

  • Part of it was learning about the inner ecology of my digestive track, learning what harmed my friendly bacteria and what fed my friendly bacteria.

  • Part of it was learning how to feel my emotions (instead of eat them).

  • Part of it was becoming a new version of myself, the version of me who developed an epic relationship with food.

Enough is Enough!

I have had enough over eating in my life.

I have eaten enough junk food, sugar and flour for my lifetime.

I have eaten my emotions more than enough times this lifetime.

I have had enough days of my life suffering with a Distended Gut.

Achieving long term lifestyle habits which support a happy belly is simple but not necessarily easy.

Would you like support in making food-lifestyle shifts that would take the pressure off your gut and open your energy to be used in bigger and brighter areas of your life? I am here ready to serve you and your gut.

Living with a happy belly is priceless and possible.


Food Matters

What are you willing to do to for your distended gut?

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