Why Bother To Drink Water?

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I am personally doing a habit re-visit this week and thus diving into this essential gut health topic: why bother to drink water?

I was re-reading the Body Ecology Diet, which is one of my cornerstone gut health book resources.

The book touches on how important drinking water is for our body and gut health. Water supports all of our body systems in their needs to function. When our body systems are functioning on the better side then we feel better.

My Water Habit

I drink caffeine every day, and I do it first thing.

My man has been nudging me to drink a glass of water first… before my caffeine.

I have been resisting for a while… but decided to give it a chance and see what I noticed.

I have to say that I feel noticeably better; a bit more awake and fresher.

Changing A Habit

This month I talked about tongue scraping, teethe health, and skin health.

All of these are small little habits.

I think most of us think that habit change should be easy but often find it quite challenging.

Habit change is what my gut health program makes accessible.

I’ll give you a peek into how my program works:

The first step of making a change is deciding to do so, which often takes some awareness and diving into our brain programming.

Every single habit we have or do not have is rooted and created in our brains.

A thought like ‘drinking water does not matter very much’ creates one habit, while believing that ‘drinking water makes a difference’ leads to a very different water habit.

I know that one of my sneakiest self-sabotaging thoughts is “it does not really matter” or another common client thought that I hear often is “just this once”.

Basic Water Habit 101

  • Drink at least half your body weight in ounces.

  • Drink mineral-rich and chlorine-free water.

I weigh around 140 lbs and so a good ounce per day minimum for me is 70 ounces.

  • If we drink caffeine or alcohol or have toxins in our life (which who does not?) then add a bit extra.

A good sign we are drinking enough water is that our pee is clear.

Quality Of Water Matters

Use a filter and remineralizing filter if you live in the city or are on city water. And if you are in the country get your water tested, especially if you are near farms or agricultural land.

A friend of mine finally installed her water filter and she now sees how much easier (and pleasurable) it is to drink water.

I viscerally feel the difference of mountain fresh mineral rich pure water… my body says yes.

It is physically challenging for me to drink unfiltered city water.

If you find it hard to drink your water then I highly encourage you to get your water tested and potentially filtered.

Signs That We Are Low On Water

  • Mouth, eyes, lips, and or skin are dry.

  • Digestive troubles.

  • Constipation.

  • Yellow urine.

  • Low energy levels.

  • Foggy brain.

  • Premature aging.

Soaking In Water: Home Bath Time Vs Hot Spring Time

While traveling I notice the different quality of water depending on the water source. When I bathe in city water my skin feels much dryer and even slightly irritated.

Water with chemicals is hard on our gut, kidneys, and skin which can kill the good friendly bacteria of our microbiome that we all need leading to dry or irritated skin, and rashes.

Hot springs are the best: no man-made chemicals and are rich in minerals. I feel silky smooth and rejuvenated.

Adding Epsom salts, which contains magnesium, is great; as well as dead sea salts to up the quality of water we bathe in.

Why Bother To Drink Water?

Because it is foundational to all life, including our own, and paramount when it comes to gut health.

… and remember: what goes on our skin we are basically eating because our skin absorbs whatever we put on it including water and what ever the water contains.

Zen Odyssey

Rich Water, it matters.

I’m ready for a big glass of water and a bath or a hot spring… you?

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