Myth Buster #1: Eating Healthy Is Hard

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This is phase 3 gut-health food… after the repair and strengthening.

I often hear people say that the reason they eat poorly is that eating healthy is hard.

“I don’t have enough time, money, or know-how.”

I remember believing the same thing.

People who believe ‘eating healthy is hard’ either never try, half-ass their health game or yo-yo between habits.

When I was trying to change, I would put tons of effort into eating healthy, only to revert to old habits. I did this for years. I grabbed the easy, convenient food that I was used to and knew tasted good.

Why Do We Do This?

Because our brains are geared towards ease and familiarity, this is what makes change hard.

To go against our brain’s tendency is HARD.

This is the real truth.

To change habits like eating healthy feels difficult… unless you have the tools to implement change.

Beyond Eating Healthy

The secret to life long gut-health is diet, stress, and lifestyle change, exactly what the docs say.

I used to eat a radically different diet than I eat today; I know the challenge of making a change.

To actually make the change, to get your whole self on board, we have to get into your mind… where all your habits are formed and, in the case of my program, re-formed.

Healing your gut is easy. Making all the changes to set yourself up for inevitable gut health is the hard part. But don’t back away now because I’ve 100% got you there. That is where coaching will revolutionize your experience of change.

I could give away all the worksheets, shopping lists, gut-healing diet phases, and steps to gut health, but the probability of anyone succeeding is slim to none because the how-to change piece will be missing.

For the majority of my clients to succeed, our coaching will be key because that is where I teach how to make all the changes.

Change is still challenging, but having the algorithm to do so is a life-changer that makes change possible.

ps… we often start with debunking the common belief that ‘it’ should be easy. ‘It’ could be… life, change, eating healthy, gut health, or anything you are struggling with.

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