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Some call me a salad master. What is mastery? Doing something over and over and over until you master it. Right?

I have made a lot of salads in my life. Seriously, a lot. I even ran a raw food kitchen at a retreat center serving 80 people 2 salads a day.

A good salad starts with high quality ingredients. Local, in-season, fresh, and organic is where the salad starts.

Purpose Of Salad Fiber

I consider that the salad is more for cleaning out my intestines than it is for anything else. Keeping food waste moving down and out is necessary for a healthy gut and healthy life. Think rough-age. Think house cleaning.

Digesting (Enzymes And Acids)

I also consider how the salad will feel in my tummy. Greens are not easy to digest. This is why kids do not like veggies (especially the raw green ones). It is because they do not have the digestive enzymes to break it down (under age 7 or so). They are best off getting the omegas from greens via ghee or butter from organic grass fed cows.

Sometimes as adults we also have troubles breaking down the salad. That is why I consider the acid and enzymes components of the salad of the utmost importance.

ALWAYS include at least one of these salad digesting acid components: lemon, apple cider vinegar, red onion, or kraut.

FUEL. Energy. Calories.

Tahini, flax seed, hemp seed, seeds, olive oil, and eggs are where you get your calories, proteins, and fats which are for feeding your brain and fueling your body.



  • Organic free-range soft boiled eggs

  • Organic greens (Lettuce, Arugula, Baby Kale)

  • Chopped cooked carrots
  • Sliced Red Onion (helps digest those greens)

  • Kraut (feed your friendly microbiome)

  • Ground Flax Seeds (keep refrigerated)

  • Dulse seaweed
  • Sprouted pumpkin seeds
  • Cucumber

  • Daikon and or Radish (great for your liver)

  • Avocado

  • Olive oil (do not be shy… pour it on)

  • Lemon juice and or Apple Cider Vinegar

  • Sea, Mountain, or River Salt to taste (listen to your body)


Check out the brands that I use and love.
Buy local whenever you can.
I get no affiliate benefit if you click on anything in my list, it is simply for you.

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