How To Grow Up Into Emotional Adulthood

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The common phrase to hear is, “don’t hurt Sally’s feelings”. This is such a disempowering idea that we are taught as kids. We default believe that people can hurt our feelings. What? This is emotional childhood. There is another way: how to Grow Up into Emotional Adulthood.

Then we grow up believing that our feelings are caused by tragedies or by what someone else did or said.

The way out? Yup, I do have one for you… the way out is understanding that every single one of our emotions comes from our brain’s thoughts.

It is possible to choose how to feel about anything and everything.

My man said the words, “I am getting kinda bored of you.”

I could have gone off the deep end, fifteen minutes before we arrived at my friend’s wedding.

I choose to go into my brain and remind myself that what he said was just words and that I could choose what I made it mean. It was a tough thing to hear, AND I didn’t have to let it ruin my evening.

Taking ownership of our emotions is a big task, it takes responsibility.

And it gives agency and empowerment.

When you notice yourself blaming anyone or anything for how you feel, try stepping back and looking at your brain to see what story your brain is telling. You don’t have to change anything, just own it.

When you own it then you can stand in the bigger version of yourself, and I’ll bet that you will also make great food and gut health choices.

Owning our emotions is the biggest task we can take on as growing and evolving humans playing this beautiful game called life.

If you are interested in this work, in becoming an emotional adult, then book a free gut health strategy session and talk to me. I love this work.

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