The Cause Of Your Emotional Snacking

Emotional snacking

Food is deeply intertwined with your life; mine too, although less now. I used to suffer from a tumultuous relationship with food, including emotional snacking, binging, and dieting.

The human body has survived to enjoy eating.

Eating food with nutrients is necessary.

Eating for pleasure is not.

In fact, eating the way that western culture has evolved to eat is a threat to human lives everywhere and is the cause of the majority of diseases and death today.

Fast food, cheap food, high carbs, refined sugars, chemically sprayed food, and factory-farmed foods are all poison to the human body.

A slow life-long poison.

They wreak havoc on your belly and your brain, your gut and your mind, your digestion and your mood.

Chronic diseases are on the rise and pills are not helping; it is because the majority of diseases today are food-based diseases.

Pills cannot fix chronic disease, only a change in diet and lifestyle can reverse food-based disease.

The hard part is not changing the food that you eat.

The hard part is changing the way you think and feel about food.

You have been raised and advertised to connect food to feeling good, reward, and connection.

To change your relationship to food feels impossible, depriving, and not-fun.

If you are interested in changing then I have a small exercise that might change your life.

Start with looking at your snacking.

Start asking your Self why you are snacking.

Start noticing.

Get curious.

It is likely because you want to feel something different than you are currently feeling.

Bored, agitated, stressed, and lonely are all common drivers for snacking.

Snacking is always emotional.

What if you had another way to change your feelings?

…A way that did not lead you to overeat.

…A way that addressed your internal reality head-on with your long term best interest in mind.

Come with me, my friend, I have a Food and Mood revolution brewing.

What you eat now affects your future self.

How would you treat your body and what would you eat, if you had your future self in mind?

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